{Eco-Tutorials} DIY Scratch-off Tickets

Have you ever wanted to offer discount codes in a fun way? Or needed a cool promotion for your event booth? Scratch-off ticket may be the answer.

Scratch-off tickets can be a highly effective promotional tool for your shop and they are so easy to make.  I’ve ran a little experiment during a recent event by creating 50 scratch-off tickets and giving them to random people who stopped by my booth.  One of the tickets was for a free mascara, one ticket had a coupon code for 25% off and one ticket was a gift certificate for a $25 shopping spree at my booth. The results were awesome, people were flocking to my booth to grab their scratch-off tickets – I ran out very quickly too.

In this post I’m going to share how I made my scratch-tickets – I recently found a cute template on BHG and I altered it to fit my needs.  I’ve since created an additional template and have shared both at the end of this post.

DIY Coupon Code Scratch-off Tickets

What you will need:

  • Coupon Codes or Freebie you are giving away –  Cost: whatever the prize is
  • 4×6 Cardstock  – Cost: FREE (if you use junk mail or old holiday cards)
  • Contact Paper or Packing Tape – Cost:  $1 (try Dollar Tree or other $1 store)
  • Metallic Acrylic Paint – Cost: FREE (use any water-based ink or paint you have on hand)
  • Dish Soap – Cost: FREE (we all do dishes)
  • Small Paint Brush – Cost: FREE (use what you have on hand, makeup brushes work)
  • Old plate or wax/parchment paper – Cost: FREE (again, use what you have on hand)
  • Printer – Cost: FREE (technically since you already have it at your disposal. If you don’t have a printer you can hand draw your cards)

Let’s Make Magic:

1. If using junk mail, you may want to paint or cover the paper white and let it dry before proceeding. Print your  template  with messages and coupon codes on to your cardstock. I like to have three or four scratch off areas.

Scratch-off_heart template

Scratch-off heart template


2. Next cut a strip of contact paper that will fit 3 or 4 of your shapes and trace the shape of the scratch off area to the paper side of the contact paper. If you are using packing tape, you may want to stick the tape to a piece of parchment paper and trace the shape onto the parchment paper.

Trace scratch off area on paper side of contact paper

Trace scratch off area on paper side of contact paper


3. Now it’s time to make the scratch-off magic.  Mix two parts acrylic paint with one part dish soap (example: 2 tbsp paint to 1 tbsp dish soap). The soap prevents the paint from binding together and what you are left with is cool, professional looking scratch-off paint.  

Making Magic

Making Magic


4. Next with your small paint brush or sponge brush paint the shiny side of the contact paper. You may need to do two or three coats to get full coverage (make sure you can’t see through it). Let the paint dry completely between coats. 

Paint the shiny side of the contact paper

Paint the shiny side of the contact paper


5. Once you are happy with the coverage and it has completely dried, cut out the shapes using the template you drew on the paper side of the contact paper. Remove the paper backing and put the cut-out over the area that has the coupon code or message.  VOILA – You have a scratch off ticket.

DIY Scratch-off Ticket

DIY Scratch-off Ticket

Easy right? Now it’s time for you to try it.  I’ve created two template which you can edit using Photoshop  or my favorite, http://Pixlr.com.  Each template is a *.psd file which  means you can see and edit the different layers to fit your needs.

Template 1 – heart

Template 2 – clover

(If you don’t know how to use Pixlr or Photoshop and would like a custom template, send me a message herbanluxe@me.com)

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