{FOOD AND GARDENING} Winter Farmers Markets


It’s the middle of winter and summers bounty seems far away. All the wonderful fruits and vegetables that make the market stands come alive with color are dreams in our memories at this time of year. This doesn’t mean that there is no life left at the market. In fact there are lots of goodies still to be had. If you are lucky enough to have a winter farmers market, you should visit and see what they have for winter fair. If you don’t have one perhaps you are just the person to start one.

Here are some of the things I saw on my last trip to market.







Wonderful breads, jams and wheat grass.







Lovely wines (valentines day is around the corner).







Pickles, preserves and spreads. Should go nicely with the bread and wine.







Eggs, meat and cheese to make a savory dinner.







And a little something to pamper that dry winter skin.

These are just a few things that I picked up while at the farmers market. There are root vegetables still to be had. There are plenty of preserves. The picture at the top of the article is from a small fermenting operation.

What are some of the things you find at your winter market? Do you have a sustainable local food system for the winter months?

Happy eating!


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  1. We are lucky to have a wonderful Farmers market that moves indoors for the Winter season. Love the root veggies but this frozen time of the year the booth that draws me is the hydroponic farmer that grows lettuce, spinach and basil all Winter. It smells just like summer.

    • My grandfather gets the most amazing hydroponic tomatoes. Wish I lived closer to him! A friend of mine grew some peppers in their greenhouse, it’s how I had peppers for the chili rellenos I did my last post on.

  2. Our farmer’s market moved indoors for the winter, too – We have breads, jellies, all things sunflower (brittle, cookies, bread… (we are in Kansas), dried herbs and spices as well as lots of root vegetables.

    • That sounds amazing! I love sunflowers. Never tried the brittle. I wonder if there is a version that doesn’t use sugar. Maybe a sourgum sunflower brittle. You have given me an idea to experiment with.

  3. Winter markets are just starting to pop up in our area. With the cold weather, they have moved venues indoors and are “testing the waters” with a monthly market instead of weekly. I’m glad to see the interest is catching on and, hopefully, by next year they will be a weekly event around here.

    • We are lucky enough to have two right down the street from each other. There may be more but these are the ones closest to me. Our last mayor had talked about an indoor market that would be year round (and rather large), but since he left office I haven’t heard anything else. What a shame, it was going to be great. I hope they get a weekly one going near you Lori.