Trending Now – Spring Fever Color Explosion!

All the talk this spring season is about the colors lemon yellow and lime green.  Items with an eco-friendly eye are no exception as they show off the vibe of a warm breeze blowing through a community garden.  Vibrant and juicy, it’s like a virtual fruit salad inside our homes and out on the street as temperatures start to climb.  This bag by BetsyandBess is a perfect choice when we head out to the Farmer’s Market for our locally grown, organic produce.


When we return home we’re going to need somewhere to store all that yummy goodness.  Did you know that many fruits and vegetables don’t need to be refrigerated until after their skin has been broken?  Tomatoes, most citrus fruits and bananas are all best served by staying at room temperature, not going into the fridge.  This wonderful vintage fruit and veggie bowl by VeraVague will let you show off all those beautiful colors on any table.


Once we whip up a fruit salad full of tart grapefruit and sweet kiwi, where better to snack on it than in the sunniest spot in our homes.  The passive solar that comes in through the glass of a window or slider door can help keep our homes cozy even if the temperatures haven’t quite made it to spring-esque just yet.  We can curl up with our fruit, a good book, and relax into this super fluffy pillow by 1shawfield.


Still too chilly out to line-dry your laundry?  The dryer sachets from zJayne featured at the top of this post will leave all your throw blankets and hoodies virtually static free with just a hint of lavender in the air while clothes just smell fresh.

No matter what we’re doing as we come into spring one thing is clear – color is bold and vibrant enough to taste!  What colors are you excited to show off this spring and how do you plan to stay Green while doing it?

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  1. Bright & bold colors is the name of the game this spring! Can’t wait to see what you create, Lorna!

  2. Thanks! I was just knitting up some new stuff for spring and had it on my list to look this up.