{Eco-inspirations}WHAT IS TIME BANKING ?

What is time banking?

Since so many people are experiencing a drastic change in their finances, I decided to research different ways that people are dealing with it. I heard about time banking through an internet site. www.timebanks.org

According to TimeBanks USA,

“TimeBanks USA was founded in 1995 and its central office is located in Washington D.C. The mission of TimeBanks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent.”

The idea is that we are all assets and have something to give. So, whether your offering a haircut, a ride to the airport or walking someone’s dog, these are all worth a time dollar. For instance, I teach someone yoga for an hour and I then earn a time dollar. I can use this time dollar with any of the members in my time bank group.

This is nice because there is no pressure to offer services at any regulated schedule. You also get to know some people in your neighborhood, which you may not have met otherwise.
So whether you join a time bank group or just look to your community for what you need, you will start connecting with your community and support your local economy.

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  1. I’ve heard of time banking, it reminds me of the Justin Timberlake movie “In Time” where everyone gets paid and pays in time. I think time banking is a great concept but I also believe that it still has to evolve a bit more before it can become mainstream.