A Day Without Technology?


Do you feel tired and overwhelmed with technology? I know I do. Ever since the computer officially made its way into my home and brought Internet along, life has morphed into a whole new experience, multiplying my brain activity tenfold and decreasing my physical activity proportionally.

If I add to that stress, over-working, long hours of commuting, too much TV and I believe that I will have painted the life-size portrait of the typical dwellers of the Western world.

Now imagine you you had a day devoted to relaxing. And I don’t mean sipping tea in front of the TV. I mean a real, slow, old-fashioned day away from it all. What would you do? How would you spend it?

If these questions have caught your fancy, here is an idea. The guys over at Reboot – a network of writers, filmmakers, artists and media professionals who work toward a common goal to bring back the moments of peaceful rest in our fast-paced modern life – have initiated National Unplug Day, which this year will be observed from sundown of March 23rd till sundown of March 24th.
Yes, this could be your legitimate excuse for not replying to your emails because if you devote to the National day of unplugging and sign the Unplugging Pledge, there are 10 commandments which you are advised to follow. They are not mandatory but rather worked as a guide for those seeking to regain peace of mind:

  1. Avoid technology
  2. Connect with your loved ones
  3. Nurture your health
  4. Get outside
  5. Avoid commerce
  6. Light Candles
  7. Drink wine
  8. Eat bread
  9. Find silence
  10. Give back

As you can see, the ten commandments of unplugging are simple ideas that will help you unwind and get in touch with yourself and your loved ones. Of course, one out of 364 days will not change much but hopefully it will give you a taste of what it was before hectic life became the norm and you will seek to incorporate serenity in your lifestyle.

Take the Unplugging Pledge and avoid technology for 24 hours on March 24th. Who knows, maybe an exciting green idea will dawn on you once you get your mind away from the fast-paced nightmare you call your everyday.

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  1. Mona Casselman says:

    I live in rural Alaska and actually have to deal with unplanned unplug days every winter when our power gets knocked out. It is amazing how difficult it can sometimes be, but preparedness helps.
    We heat with wood all the time, so that is dealt with, and my cookstove is propane, just has to be lit with a match. The toughest thing this winter was being unable to grind the beans to make coffee! I had a drip system pot but no grinder, so we had to subsist with tea… Went online (after the power came back) and Bill ordered an old-style hand grinder- now we are ready for anything!
    We keep 50plus gallons of water on hand all the time (the well pump is electric) and a full pantry is an Alaskan necessity. Avalanches and such happen and close the roads to the stores, so we have to be ready.
    Anyway, losing power helps us remember how handy technology can be!

  2. I recently was away on a vacation without Technology readily available and found it to be REALLY uncomfortable… that was a wake up call for me…catching up on reading today …this looks like something I need to do ..thanks Sonya~

    • kanelstrand says:

      I think it is a matter of switching, though I realize how addicted we have become to technology…

  3. Yes, I’m in! But I agree, not once a year, but once a week it should be done!

    • kanelstrand says:

      Yes, once a week sounds reasonable. I hope that at least trying with the thought of it being just once a year can open a lot of people to a different lifestyle.

  4. Sounds like a good idea to be unplugged! I marked my electronic calendar to reminder me to unplug next Friday at sundown. 😉

  5. Sounds like the Sabbath!

  6. I love the idea of an “UnPlug” day. I work from home full-time now {not for my Etsy shop, I wish} and my day starts at 5:45 am when I logon to all three computers to start my day at work. My desk looks like a command station. There there are the phones that begin ringing at 8 am, the TV that goes on when I start my day to serve as background noise and all the other nonsense and doesn’t end til about 10 pm. I think I will totally unplug for a day even if it drives me to a near nervous breakdown. The weather has been awesome and I’ve been thinking of replanting a veggie garden and cleaning my yard. Now I have an excuse.

    • kanelstrand says:

      Myra, how do you cope? I admire you.

      Lately I have simplified my work process quite a bit and deliberately avoid multi-tasking which turns out to be very beneficial and stress-free.

      Go out in the garden :)))

  7. Great idea. Not a new one…. Friday night sundown till Saturday night sundown is the Jewish sabbath where all these rules apply each week – a day of rest (and unplugging) required!

  8. I read this post in my email and loved it! I should have known it was from you Sonya!! :)
    I am definitely in! I can imagine people having pseudo panick attacks just thinking about a day without technology. That’s how addicted we have become.
    These 10 commandements sound fabulous to me! I may not wait until March 23!

    • kanelstrand says:

      :) Thank you, Laurie! You are kind as always! I love the concept of unplugging and think that we should remind ourselves about it more often. Just to encourage each other :)