{Eco-Inspirations} Indoor Adventure at The City Museum

Spring is in the air which immediately puts a bounce to my step and electrifies my senses. With its arrival I also find myself itching for adventure, only to find it’s still too nippy out to plan a camping trip. So what’s an urban green girl to do? If you happen to live in the Midwest – you’ve got a treat in store.

The City Museum in St. Louis is an upcyclers dream come true! Voted one of the world’s top public spaces, this play-land for all ages is constructed out of reused and found materials, from vintage coke bottles and industrial tubing to airplanes and buses suspended in mid-air. The brainchild of sculptor Bob Cassilly, this eclectic indoor play ground was created in the late 90s using his vision and the talents of 20 local artists. It has become a staple in the imaginations of children and adults alike! Explore it in person or visit the website for a mega-dose of inspiration.

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