{Eco Inspirations} Mosquitos driving you batty?

Danger is lurking in my garden. Unfortunately, it’s not as cute as the picture.
Today I got my first mosquito bite. It’s March. This does not bode well for summer.
For those who haven’t followed my personal blog, let me first warn you that I live in the land of giant bugs. Plentiful bugs. Bugs which cause all sorts of misery from kitten-killing fleas and ants and garden killing squash bugs to mosquitos that do their best to ensure you’ll never enjoy an outdoor party. I think people in colder climes often don’t quite understand what this perpetual warm weather (did I mention we didn’t have a winter this year?) can do to an otherwise vaguely annoying but tolerable critter.
On that note, I’ve tried varying remedies and repellants in the past, but nothing really works for long against the aforementioned mosquito. I need something bigger in scale than a simple repellant, but also something that won’t hurt my precious bees. What to do? What to do? It was driving me Batty!

oh, now there’s an idea! Bats! Did you know that one brown bat can eat thousands of mosquitos every single night? That sounds like music to my ears. So, this year I’ll be adding a bathouse to my garden. If you want to build your own, or just learn more about these amazing creatures, check out batconservation.org, or these bat house plans, found for free over here.

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  1. I have been talking about the mosquito issue with gardening friends. I have been advised that lemon balm, cat mint, thyme, garlic and rosemary are natural repellents. I have planted them near the decks where we sit.

  2. Fabulous article. Even though my friends are really scared of bats i like them. Don’t know why actually.

  3. Bats are great to have around. We have wetlands next to our lot, so we get our share of mosquitos. We bought a bat “condo” a couple of years back. Unfortunately, the wasps also like it, so it’s been a challenge trying to keep it clear of wasps which I think prevent the bats from taking up residence there.

    This year has already been bad for mosquitos and it’s early in the season, so maybe it’s time to try making a bat house.

  4. Gotta love the bats. We see them all the time at night. I have one bat house and the fish in the pond eat more that their weight in larvae. Those pesky skeeters are a bane here in the North country as well. Maybe we should put up another bat house to offer more shelter. Locally we have had bats dying of White nose syndrome during hibernation. I am waiting to see how their numbers are this year. Thanks for the pattern.

  5. Oh neato! What a great idea!

    I don’t have any experience around bats other than seeing one in flight a couple of times. Here’s a newbie question: how will you know that your bat house is being used? Can you hear them moving around in it even during the day?

    I Love this idea. A definite bookmark!

  6. Wow is right, bring on the bats! Your writing style is amazing.. I’m hooked.

  7. Our bat house fell out of its tree during a wind storm. Guess these early mosquitos make a good incentive to get out there and hang it up now.

    Good luck with your new bat house!

  8. We love bats. Beautiful & graceful night fliers. Fabulous article!!!

  9. We have bats living in our tree tops and they are a wonder to behold at night. Silent and magnificent, if a little scary. Useful critters, it would seem.

  10. Wow! This is amazing! who would have thought! I am very worried about the mosquitoes this year..