{Business Tips} 4 Simple-Yet-Effective Tips for Running Successful Facebook Ads

I’ve toyed around with Facebook Ads but not enough to offer any ground-breaking advice. However, our own Kelly Engel of Growing Up Wild shared some simple-yet-effective tips to help us get up and running with Facebook Ads.

Growing Up Wild

Baby Boy Body Suit by Growing Up Wild

Running Effective Facebook Ads

I paid for about $230 in facebook ads last year.  For me they were a great investment that really paid dividends.  I thought I would share some tips that I learned along the way with those of you trying out the $50 free credit.

1. Be very specific in your Ad Targeting!

My first ad I had open to everyone.  My first few likes were from people who had literally 100’s of thousands of likes.  I realized quickly that they were not likely to become customers, so I made a change. Below are my current Targets for my ad campaign just to to give you an idea:

This ad targets 258,700 users:

  •     who live in the United States
  •     between the ages of 22 and 40 inclusive
  •     who are female
  •     who like #Baby Clothes, #Baby shower, #Organic clothing, #Organic food, being eco friendly, eco friendly, eco friendly living or eco friendly products
  •     who are not already connected to Growing Up Wild
facebook cover photos by DinnerTimeChimes

Facebook Cover Photos by DinnerTimeChimes

To create your target think of who your IDEAL customer is, not just someone that may be a customer.  I targeting females only age 22-40. I used to have it open wider thinking dads, grandma , aunts and uncles may be looking for baby gifts.  While that is true, they were a lot harder to convince that my pricing was fair.  Like all of you, a probably still underprice my goods and I can’t afford to take less that what my current listings were for.

I started getting lots of e-mails with “offers” for my goods that were less than my price list.  I thought about who would understand my prices.  Mom’s in this age range on the other hand tend to be used to the real costs of handmade and organic.  I then target them further with my “who like:” section.  If you start typing in themes that are relative to your shop keywords will pop and will tell you how many people currently have that as a like.  With the target words I have I am seeking specifically mom’s that currently buy eco friendly products (and thus are also used to my prices).

2. Be realistic about your pricing

Money Bags by Mamamade

Money Bags by Mamamade

I tend to run ad campaigns of $3.00/day.  When I tried higher numbers (up to 6) I was getting between 23-37 new likes per day.  This also led to more orders per day than I could realistically keep up with while still caring for my 22 month old and my pregnant body.  I slowed down my ad campaign which brought things back to a level that I could handle.

3. Be thoughtful as to what you are posting during your campaign

Think Peace by Thisisit

Think Peace by Thisisit

Think about what types of posts will appeal to the target demographic you are bringing in.  Since for most of us this is eco-friendly shoppers, we get to post about something we are already passionate about!  I post mainly about eco-friendly products for mom’s and babies, eco-friendly cleaning, articles about organic food, etc.  It can also be helpful to offer a giveaway or coupon code during the ad campaign.  The goal is to get new viewers to click, comment or like at least one thing on your page when they are brand new.  This will ensure that your posts in the future continue to appear on their page (with Facebook algorithms for what appears in news feeds)  I use rafflecoptor for my giveaways.  It is easy and makes running the giveaway and choosing the winner really easy.

4. Be sure you have shortened your url

No Child Left Indoors by Growing Up Wild

No Child Left Indoors by Growing Up Wild

If you are running an ad you have already hit 50 fans be sure to get your custom Facebook URL and  get rid of all those funky numbers.  It makes you look established and is easier for people to share.

So there you have it, some great tips which have been tried and tested by Kelly of Growing Up Wild.  Let’s all thank Kelly for sharing these great tips, you can show her some love by “hearting” and “liking” her Etsy shop, following her on Twitter and “liking” and “sharing” her Facebook Fan Page:

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  1. Thanks to your article I am going ahead with trying the free ad. However after publishing it I see that it takes me to my facebook page instead to the shop. Is that how we would like it to be? Could it deter potential buyers to make all these additional clicks?
    Also I can edit my ad anytime during the campaign which is as long as my 50 bucks last, right? :)


  2. Could you provide a link for instructions on how to shorten our url? I’ve been wondering about this but can’t find it… thanks!

  3. Great article! Thanks for putting this together for us. I need to look into some advertising on Facebook, I just wasn’t ready to wade the water. Now I see it doesn’t look too tricky! (-: