Team Eco Etsy Partners with Practically Green

Team Eco Etsy is so excited and proud to announce our partnership with the most amazing online site that helps you green your life.

It’s called Practically Green.

You might wonder, “You are an eco-friendly team; why do you need help with greening your lives?” Well, in short, to be greener! Being green is an on-going process. There is no beginning or an end. It’s a lifestyle and there is always something we can learn to be more sustainable.

And Practically Green helps you to do just that.

Practically Green

Practically Green is an online tool that helps you to make smart, practical, and sustainable decisions. It offers “expert advice, scientifically accurate information, and real-world, friend-to-friend recommendations for hundreds of things you can do.” Its mission is to provide you with tools and ideas that will help you to make “green living easier and enjoyable, and to remove some of the guilt, confusion, and cost that can arise”.

This tool is so exciting and very encouraging because, as we all have experienced, it is difficult to be green sometimes. (We hear you, Kermit!)

To some people, being eco-friendly might be construed as “trendy”. Or some might believe it’s impossible because it’s too costly or too difficult. But to understand how your daily habits might already be affecting the environment, Practically Green shows you how wonderfully green you already are, high fives you for every action you’ve committed, and recommends actionable steps to help you become greener.

Eco Etsy and Practically Green

So …. knowing how awesome this online tool is, when the company approached us to be part of their group page, we enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to be involved with an organization whose effort is in getting people to see what positive impact they can make and to encourage them to improve in areas that need attention? We are so there!

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As stated on our homepage on Practically Green, we can compare how we are doing with other team members in our group. We can learn from each other’s actions and improve our own lifestyle.

It’s great to see how our daily habits are making an impact and how many actions we do on a daily basis that are considered green but also what areas we need to improve on. But what’s really helpful about those areas that need attention is that Practically Green has practical  suggestions for those actions we haven’t completed or committed yet. And it even displays recommended products and services – whose companies Practically Green screens but don’t get paid to list – for those actions. And I am happy to report that some of our members had their products and shops added on their recommended list! You can submit your recommendations for products and recommend actions. And it doesn’t cost anything. How awesome is that?

Practically Green is free for individuals to use. But for a fee, companies can customize their own group page to provide a tool for employees to track their green lifestyle. It’s a wonderful resource for companies to emphasize their mission to be environmentally responsible and to send that message to their team members.

What is cool for the group page is that you can see all the “Achievements” accomplished and “Actions” that need to be taken. You can also see who is leading the team!

For Eco Etsy, we will be using this group page to reward the greenest member by displaying their shop logo on our blog for the following month. Yay!

Testimonials from Members

After tying Practically Green for just one week, we heard some exciting comments from the team members.

“Completing Practically Green’s survey was a real eye opener! For me, it created a tangible starting point for living green, but ultimately it motivates me to live greener by suggesting actions that I might not have thought of on my own-thanks PG!” ~Manilla Extract~


I just signed up and got a few badges. I’ll return at another time to get
more. :) Cool site! I wish there were a way to add other eco-friendly things we do that are not
on their list. ~fashiongreentbags~



“It was affirming to have my sustainable practices rated as Superbly Green on Practically Green’s rating scale. It was also humbling to see their suggestion of the myriad things I can do to lead an even more sustainable lifestyle! ~Herban Lifestyle~


How did we do?

And after just one week, we had over 45 51 members singed up, committed over 3200 4522 actions and added 700  1143 more to their plans…in just one two week(s)! {as of March 3rd}

I will update you at the beginning of each month, how our team did and who the winner is for the previous month. If you are a member of Eco Etsy and want to start using Practically Green, please e-mail me and I will let you know how you can join the group page.

We strongly suggest you try Practically Green to see how green you are. You’ll be amazed how many green actions you already do. And if you don’t know what more actions you can do, it will suggest them to you, like buying toys made with renewable materials  for your child  (hint: Earnest Efforts, one of our members, is on this list) or insulating your attic.

Try it. It’s free. It’s fun. It practically tells you how to be greener.

If you’ve already tried it, what was your experience like? Did you learn anything new about your green habits? Please share in the comments below.

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About Karen Lee

As a former Captain of Eco Etsy and one of the current leaders for the team, I am really excited to be hanging out with like minded team members to share ideas on how we can leave the least amount of carbon footprint.

I sell eco-handmade and vintage goodies in my Etsy shop and consult small business owners on Karen Lee Consulting where popular Etsy Starter Kit is sold. And as a retired Chiropractor, I share natural health news and green tips on Check out my past posts on Eco Etsy!


  1. I surprised my self on both ends… found i was greener than expected AND also found lots of ways to do an even better job ..fabulous suggestions!!

  2. Such a cool idea !! I would love to try this. I will email you Karen right away! :)

  3. Ijust wish I had a better internet connection so I could spend even more time checking out their great site!Mahalos for sharing Karen!

  4. I’ve had to drag myself away from the site a few times now. After reading your fab introduction, I’ve decided break is over – I can go back & see if I can scrounge up some more points. Now this is my idea of a fun time. Go Team Eco Etsy on Practically Green!!! ;->

    • I know what you mean by “drag myself away”….because once I’m there, I keep trying to see where I can get more points! It’s addicting AND my competitiveness comes out! :)

  5. I am so excited to try this! The element of positive reinforcement is so wonderful…it makes being green kind of a family competition. Emailing you now, Karen!

  6. I learned that while I’ve been obsessing over the things I can’t do by living in an apartment (installing or removing anything permanent) I’ve been making up for it in other ways and reached the Wicked Green rating – 9 out of 10! I figured I’d be much lower & look forward to moving into our house soon so I can get even more done. Great way to keep a checklist & keep track!

    • Jenn, that’s what’s great about PG. It makes you see what other awesome green actions you are doing daily and in your habitat, work, family, etc. It’s not just house living, or kids, or going to work. I don’t walk to work since I work out of the house. I don’t use cloth diapers since I have no kids. But I do use natural products, wash laundry in cold water….There are plenty of more things I do, even if I don’t do everything the questions suggest. You can only do your best in your particular situation. So glad you enjoy it! :)

  7. I have really enjoyed going through all the Practically Green topic areas and seeing where I am doing well and where I can use improvement. It’s a fun, interactive way to make people more aware of their actions (or inactions, as it were). Thanks for introducing us to this great service, Karen!

    And drafts, Tiffany! You’ve bumped me from second place! I’ll have to do some green renovations around my house to catch up with you :)

    • Ha ha….”green renovations”….. You and Tiffany are going to make me do some drastic things to my house! I’ll be like, “Oh, that? Those are geothermal heating pipes.” :)

  8. Practically Green is a fabulous Site and one that I have used personally for a few years now. I really enjoy the emails I get every week showing me how to kick my “greeness’ up a notch! I think the will be a great partnership!

    • Chriss, do you want to move over to our group page? It would be awesome to be on the same page! E-mail me and let me know. :)

  9. Well i am a 10 on the green side which is wonderful ! Now if i was only still a 10 on the looks side ! Lol

  10. I love the competitive element – it makes me crazy that I’m now in SECOND place. What more can I do? You can bet I’ll be digging deep to get my title back. (-;

    • You are too funny!

      Go back to your answers and see what you missed. I missed a whole bunch too. I just don’t have the time to go back and check them off right now but you KNOW I’ll be right up there with ya after Tuesday!!

  11. When I signed up I did by following our link in the email you sent. However it now seems I can’t get to the team page. Can you tell if I am a member within our team or if I signed up as an individual?