{Green Living} Thinking Green for Easter

Easter is almost upon us. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Being in Florida now makes me miss the best parts of a northern spring, like the smell of a spring rain, the sound of the Robin and of course all of those beautiful spring flowers. Easter of course also brings chocolate, gifts and the smile on your child’s face when they see what’s in their Easter basket! Why not give eco-friendly gifts this year? With the help of my fellow Etsy members, I have put together this wonderful treasury of eco-friendly gift ideas for Easter. Enjoy!

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts

Gift Links:

Honey Tangerine Lollipop – The Groovy Baker

White Easter Rabbit Mask – BHB Kids Style

Wool Easter Bunny Toy – Needle and Felt

Crochet Wooden Eggs – Kangaroo Care

Easter Kid Rabbit – Timo Handmade

Chocolate Filled Candy Eggs – Andies Specialty Sweets

Eco-Felt Chocolate Easter Bunny – Ekofabrik

Banna Marshmallows – Calabasas Candy Co.

Personalized Bunny Rabbit Wooden Toy – Smiling Tree Toys

Pocket Bunny T-Shirt – Big Bridge Studios

Easter Sugar Cookies – Parchment Cookies

6 Small Wool Felt Easter Ornaments – Mary Imp

Easter Garland – BHB Kids Style

Easter Egg Warmer – Vilnone

Easter Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover – Tizzy Dee

Easter Baskets – Nykki Makes


Have a great Easter everyone!

Kim Johnson, Ekofabrik





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  1. Easter is celebrated at one of the favorite times of the year. It marks the start of longer days and warm weather and summer is on its way finally. Easter is a special time of the year for everybody, but its great fun for kids and adults as well.