Trending Now: Bright Spring Colors, Flowery Shapes, and Fuzzy Bunnies

Temperatures are warming and so is our love for the planet.  Green is sprouting up from the earth as well as in the minds of consumers this season.  As a Greenie early spring is certainly the perfect season to shine!  Paying attention to the planet is virtually required this season as the northern hemisphere begins to come alive with color.  Flowers are blooming, holidays bring people together, and the days are getting longer and more sun-filled!  Fashions for your body and your home are making use of these seasonal pretties!

This super comfy looking A-line skirt by SoulRole is light and breezy, just like a spring day.  Wear it to a picnic, out for brunch, to the Farmer’s Market, or just hanging around on a Sunday afternoon.  You’ll be surrounded by organic cotton and the blooming flowers of spring in a sunny yellow that evokes warm sunshine!

Wodland creatures are all the rage right now.  Just like us humans, animals are starting to thaw out and return to frolicking.  The bunny above from SesameSeedDesigns would brighten up any home.  And you’ll feel good too because each one is made from upcycled wool sweaters.  Adorable décor for any space!


Who’s ready to party on their deck, balcony, patio or at the park?  This girl!  And I’d love to show off my homemade pita chips in this bowl made by EyePopArt.  Making use of the symmetrical painting technique of mandala art, the bowls are created from old record albums.  Talk about upcycling to the max!  Safe for food and other assorted goodies, extend the lifecycle of something really cool while showing off the shapes and colors of spring.

To complete any spring look is easy when you have a gorgeous crocheted necklace of flowers like the one in the top photo above.  The necklace is made lovingly by KnittingGuru from sturdy cotton thread.  The final look is vibrant and happy, just like a beautiful spring day!

 Whether you live in a hot or cool climate, or somewhere in between, the way to go this spring is with flowers, bright colors, and eco-friendly planet loving pieces.

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  1. Love it!Mahalo for sharing!

  2. Oooohh….such beautiful colors! And yes, you are right about springtime in the north. Right now I am craving color, and you have shared some lovlieness!

  3. This Spring is certainly flaunting some beautiful colors. Love the Cabaret pink and Margarita green. My favorite is the Solar Power yellow. Gotta love the warmth. You have showcased some great examples.

    • Thanks so much Bonnie Lee! Ooh, yes please on margarita green! It’s one of the lighter greenish-yellow colors that I can actually pull off wearing. Pair it with a solar yellow skirt and I’d say you were ready to make a day of it at the Farmer’s Market :-)