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I am a Canadian, born with that northern pale and sensitive skin. I have a hard time finding beauty products that don’t cause me to break out. I have done a lot of reasearch over the past year about the preservatives they put in beauty products and what some of the harmful effects can be.

One of the worst culprits in my book is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This product is in about 90% of all hand soaps, detergents, toothpaste and shampoos. If I use a shampoo with this ingredient, my scalp breaks out in a dry, itchy rash just after a few washings. As soon as I stop using it, it goes away. I bet a lot of you have that problem, but don’t realize it is your shampoo. Read your shampoo bottle label, I bet it lists SLS as one of the first ingredients.

The products to look for are the ones that are “sulfate” free. You have to be careful though, they might say “sulfate” free, but still have a different type of sulfate in them. I have tried every shampoo in the book, and finally found a few products that don’t use SLS that are gentle, smell great and are good for our environment. Here is a list of my personal “green” beauty products that I promise you will love!

Hair Care

  • The first is hair care by ABBA. Their products are 100% vegan, free of synthetic dyes and sulfate free. I personally use the “Gentle” shampoo line, which smells wonderful and is just like using a baby shampoo. They have many “flavors” and I am sure one will fit your needs.
  • Another great hair care product is by Kiehl’s. I use the “Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo”. This shampoo is paraben free, sulfate free and smells like apricots! Your color stays longer and doesn’t fade!

Skin Care

Finding a skin care line that didn’t cause me to break out was a tough one. The first hurdle was to find a face cleanser that didn’t dry out my skin! As I mentioned above, most of the popular cleansers do have SLS. After a lot of trials and tribulations, I have found some skin care lines that are above all the rest and I won’t go back!

  • Have you heard of Bliss? Bliss has a ton of beauty products, ranging from teeth whitening kits to shoes, but they have one jewel that I can’t live without.
  • Bliss clog dissolving cleansing milk is a wonderful thing. It is a white milky liquid that you smooth on your face. No foam, just goes on like a cream. It is the only product that doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves your face baby soft. It is also a 5 minute mask! Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse. You will love the way your skin feels.
  • Another one of my recent favorites is a line by Mario Badescu. This line of skin care is awesome. All natural, great for your skin with products like cucumber cream soap, aloe moisturizer and my favorite, seaweed night cream.
I hope I have helped you in some of your “natural beauty” decisions. Remember to read the labels and question some of the ingredients that you don’t quite know what they are. You will be surprised when you look them up. For more “green” beauty products and ideas, read this article by Pierogi Picnic, DIY Deodorant!
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