Handmade for Earth Day 2012: Special Surprise Door No. 1

athreadofgrace poshpads kanelstrand

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Did you recently start nursing? or plan to? Or do you know a nursing mom?

This is a Sweet Special Surprise (say that fast ten times!) Auction!

Check out the “Nursing & Post Partum Pack” by Posh Pads! The pack is a perfect present for nursing moms. And a set of two sweet pouches by A Thread of Grace is a perfect way to carry these pads! Did I say, “Perfect”?

You can bid and win these items to keep or to give away as gifts. Or save them if you are expecting. Here are the details on how you can win! And please bid generously. Remember, we are donating the proceeds to National Park Foundation! They do great things for Mother Earth. :)

Retail Value: $76.95
The Minimum Bid: $25
Bid Increment: $5

Please leave your generous bid in the comment section below. The winner will be announced on Monday April 9th.

*Please read the bidding guidelines on the bottom of the page before bidding. All bids are binding, meaning, if you are the highest bidder you win the item and you must pay for the item. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to National Park Foundation.

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  1. My neighbor had a baby a month ago. This would be perfect!

    I bid $45.

  2. Sara Ann Wright says:

    $35.00 here! The sandwich/snack bags would be perfect for the grandkids who are SO into recycling. The Nursing and Post Partum Pack is the ideal baby gift for a friend!

  3. I’ll start the bidding here! Would love to win this awesome set before baby #2 arrives in July! I’ll open the bidding at $30