Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Earthy Kitchen

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Calling all chefs!

These scrumptious items are perfect for foodies or if you need to update kitchen essentials. These yummy-licoius and green goodies will seduce anyone into the kitchen for a nice little relaxing cafe experience. You can make a basket of some of these goodies as a gift or you can keep all to yourself! Either way, you will be bidding to fund our great National Park Foundation in honor of Earth Day! And be sure to check out what other awesome items these shops carry.

From top row

Retail Value: $126.69
The Minimum Bid: $25
Bid Increment: $5

Please leave your bids in the comment section below. The winner will be announced on Monday April 9th.

*Please read the bidding guidelines on the bottom of the main auction page before bidding. All bids are binding, meaning, if you are the highest bidder you win the item and you must pay for the item. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to National Park Foundation*

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Eco Baby


  1. I raise my bid to $65.00. Good stuff in this ‘Earthy Kitchen’ collection :)!

  2. Early Christmas shopping!

    I see your bid Tanya at $55 and raise you $5.

    So my bid is at $60. :P

  3. Love this collection! Hmm, would I keep all for myself or give some items to special friends? I’ll bid $55.00.

  4. Such a fantastic collection! I’ll open the bidding at $50.00