Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Eco Spa

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No matter what you do for a living, after a long hard day at the grind all of us could use a good spa getaway. But let’s face it, spa getaways are expensive and finding the time to take off from work and life for something like that can seem tough. But it doesn’t have to be! All you need are these luxurious goodies and your cares will be whisked away in your own home-spa.

Dim your CFL’s and bask in the dancing glow atop one of Double Brush’s Sushi Beeswax Candles. Start the water of the tub and inhale as the lazy scent of a youthful spring day takes you back with heavenly Orange Creamsicle Bath Salts from Herban Lifestyle. While the tub fills up with warm and inviting water, pull back your hair with a pretty headband by Lynn Minney Designs and start heating up some water on the stove. Whether you like to relax with a piping hot cup of Darjeeling Spring Tea by Happy Earth Tea or a playful mug full of cozy Hibiscus Tea by The Hedgerow, this spa package has you covered!

With mug in one hand and your Chapbook of poetry by Writesy in the other, you sink into the smooth and soothing water. After reading for a while you want to fully relax so it’s time to don your soft and sexy eye mask by Under The Root. When your muscles have fully released all tension you come back to life and lather up using a sumptuous, organic Whispering Willow Soap. But you know that no spa treatment is complete without a little extra pampering so you lock in all that moisture with an organic Lime and Coconut Lotion Bar from HerbFriend. With a whimsical swipe of all natural lip balm from Whispering Willow you will have reached the fullest state of Zen. You emerge from your sanctuary ready to tackle anything with a calm, clear relaxed body, mind, and spirit.

~Text by Jenn Shon of Writesy


Retail Value: $117.35
The Minimum Bid: $50
Bid Increment: $5

Please leave your bid in the comment section below by 11:59 PM, Sunday, April 15th. The winner will be announced on Monday April 16th.

*Please read the bidding guidelines on the bottom of the main auction page before bidding. All bids are binding, meaning, if you are the highest bidder you win the item and you must pay for the item. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to National Park Foundation*

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  1. Looks divine! I’ll bid 50. I’m thinking the date the winner is announced is wrong above though. I’d love to win it today at 50 but I think people have until Monday the 16th to steal it from me. J