{Eco-Inspirations} Meat-Free Memorial Day

For vegetarians and vegans, Memorial Day can conjure up deeply repressed meat missing emotions. To help you go meat-free for the holiday check out these inspiring tips for veg-heads and carnivores alike!

Firing Up the Grill:

Skip the lighter fluid and opt instead for a starter cone or chimney starter. Not only will you protect yourself from harmful toxins, you’ll also lower your risk for petroleum related burns.

Throwing Down the Goods:

Start your grill off with some aromatic edibles that can be used on burgers and other entrees. Onions will add distinct flavor to the dish and will get your guest’s salivating while garlic will add a touch of zest to your salad. For something with a touch of whimsy, throw some pineapplespears, or nectarines straight onto your grill. Hit up one of your local farmer’s markets to stock up on these, and other fresh burger ingredients, like heirloom tomatoesfresh sprouts, and artisan cheese. To find a local stand near you check out the search engine on Local Harvest. You may also want to invest in some out-of-the-ordinary buns. Try asiago cheese rolls, pita, or even pretzel buns from Whole Foods.

One of my favorite tried and true homemade veggie burger recipes hails from the queen of DIY. That’s right…I’m talking about none other than Ms. Martha Stewart. This simple patty combines mushroomszucchini, and quinoia to create a delicious burger that’s packed with vitamins and taste. To make it vegan simply substitute the eggs and cheese for more zucchini. Get the recipe from Martha’s website.

Edible Extras:

To wash down your burgers stir up a tall pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade. Collect some fresh mint from your garden (if you don’t have any run to your local grocer) and follow this handy dandy tutorial I created. Once your syrup is ready, add it to a tall pitcher and squeeze in your lemons, one at a time, adding water to the desired dilution. Once tart but not too tangy, mix in your sugar water and toss in your icecubes.

For dessert there’s nothing better than some homemade ice cream. A quick and easy vegan recipe combines rice milk, salt, raw sugar, carob chips, cocoa powder, and vanilla. I’m fortunate enough to have my own hand-cranking vintage churn, but if you don’t, you can make Popsicles instead. To serve the ice cream off the stick, wedge it between two freshly baked cookies for a dreamy desert that will send your heart soaring.

What are you cooking up today? Share your plans with us by posting your comments below!

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  1. Great ideas! I will keep them in mind for the Fourth of July. We were surprised and delighted at our friends’ Memorial Day cookout when they brought out the vegan spread! While there was plenty of meat to be had, at least half of the guests were vegs and so they had planned some yummy dishes – huge portobello caps, veggie burgers, baked beans, vegan slaw, and much more.