{Green Business} Handmade Chibi Business Card, and Eco-Crushing Joon and Scout

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and writing, lately about green business practices.  I’ve been combing, lurking, scoping and scouting all over Team Eco Etsy, in a hunt for pretty examples of our team’s amazing green business practices to share with you.  I have found a veritable mountain of inspiration, which I hope to share with you a few pieces at a time, over the next few posts.

Alright.  Let’s get to it.  If you are not following Joon at www.joonbeam.blogspot.com, get over there right now and add her blog to your feed.  This is the sweetest gem on the ‘nets with less than 100 followers.  I am stalking, following, digging, positively CRUSHING over Joon and her very talented daughter Scout, and you should too!  Go on, check it out.  I’ll be waiting for you here when you get back…  You can also check out her shops at www.joonE.etsy.com, www.joonwalk.etsy.com, www.flyinghousewife.etsy.com and www.joonbeam.etsy.com.

This is a very short and simple post highlighting the very green, very personal, and very creative business cards that Joon has made, with the help of her daughter Scout’s linocut chibi stamp, applied to eco conscious papers, such as vintage music textbooks.  I think this is a wonderful way to show your customers you are walking the walk, minimizing the footprint of having business cards commercially printed on virgin paper.  Handmade business cards like these can make a clear statement to your customers that your shop is truly all about handmade, and focused on keeping it green.  If you are lucky enough to have a talented artist like Scout on your team, or if you are lucky enough to have the right kind of artistic talent yourself, a stamp like this will allow your personality to really shine through, in a way that a formatted business card simply can’t.  Aren’t they great??  And, in case you are wondering, yes, Scout does take commissions! Scout has her own etsy shop, and can be contacted there, at www.seventeenagain.etsy.com.   I’m getting in touch with her right as soon as I’m done writing this post.  😀


And that brings us to the official end of this post.  The real truth is, there are a hundred other things about Joon and Scout I could have chosen to feature, from Joon’s green packaging materials and artistic touches, to Scout’s phenomenal artistic skill.  The bottom line is, you’ve got to start following Joon and her blog.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!  If you were to make or commission a chibi-style stamp to represent your shop and personality, what would yours look like?  Add a comment below and feel free to share Joon and Scout with all of your friends!


More love, for Joon and Scout…



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  1. So very cool! Love Scouts’ artwork.

  2. Tiffany, this is such a lovely post. Thank you so much for the complimentary feature! Wow. I am awestruck. So happy you enjoy my blog. I get discouraged many times. People like you come along and inspire me to keep creating and writing about my family’s adventures and recycled art. In fact, I published a brand new post this morning thanks to you. Hope you all enjoy it and happy spring! It is a lovely one here in southern California. ox to my eco etsy team mates