A Weapon of Mass Instruction

A few weeks ago my friend sent me a video of this amazing person who wanted to make a difference in his community.

‘Raul Lemesoff, an Argentine art-car artist, has taken a 1979 Ford Falcon that used to belong to the Argentine armed forces and turned it into a ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction.’ Armed with 900 or so books Lemesoff travels the streets of Buenos Aires and beyond offering free books to all. He sees his ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’ as a “contribution to peace through literature.”

In his blog he writes that he wants people to laugh and engage in dialog through his books that he gives out for free. Raul also wants people to be conscientious of the idea of doing for others and giving back to the community. The books vary from children’s books, to text books to novels.

As an artist, reading about people like Raul makes me think about how I can make a difference in my community through my art. Since I crochet with plastic bags, teaching kids about recycling and repurposing through art is fun and rewarding.

Juanita is a yoga teacher, artist and CSA garden coordinator in her town.

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  1. Flippin’ beautiful!