{Business Tips} Free Stickers For You to Brag Your Green Shipping Practices (And Promote Our Team!)

Over the past few months, we’ve had several posts around here about greening up your shipping and packaging practices.  We have members who are making their own shipping containers, re-pulping sticker paper backing to make handmade thank you notes, reusing vintage envelopes to make corner bookmark business cards, trading plastic tape for paper, and using real popcorn instead of styrofoam to cushion fragile items, and making shipping envelopes out of cereal boxes.  I have been truly inspired by all of the dedication our teammates have been showing towards greening up our shipping and packaging practices.  It might take a bit more effort to think green about packaging materials, but I know these things matter.  If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, now is a great time!

To show my appreciation for this awesome team, and to make it easier to get started shipping green, I’ve made up a sheet of stickers we can all use to let our customers know that we are walking the walk, and living up to our promises to limit our businesses’ impact on the environment.  Now we can brag our green efforts, encourage our customers to recycle, AND help promote our teammates.  How cool is that?

Please print on Avery address labels 30 per sheet, or any similar template.  Click the link below the thumbnail to see a full size PDF version you can print.

teamecoetsy stickers

How do you let your customers know you use sustainable packaging materials?  Please leave a comment below and keep the conversation going.  We have so much to learn from each other!

 **  The lead photo for this post is from the lovely shop Marmalime.Etsy.com, whose vintage, repurposed and reclaimed gift embellishments can help you make a creative and green presentation for your products.

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  1. I will definitely print out some of those stickers! I have a blurb on my website about my business eco-friendly practices: http://nikkidesigns.ca/sustainability
    I ship a lot of roman shades, which have to be packaged well. I have asked a local blind business to save their bags and boxes for me, and I re-use them!

  2. Wonderful, Tammy and Emily! I am so glad you found it useful. <3

  3. I just switched to all repurposed/recyclable materials for my packing/shipping, so this post was so good to see! I put a little note in all of my packages as well as put the info on my product cards that I use recyclable and repurposed materials for all of my packing

  4. Thanks! These are great!