{Business Tips} Leveraging the New “About” Page

Just over a week ago, Etsy announced a new feature for shop owners – adding an About page.  As soon as I read the blog post, I got excited.  I knew immediately that they had resolved most of the issues sellers struggled with in fully leveraging their avatar and profile.

Last year, I wrote two posts – one on the profile and one on the avatar – that focused on using those elements to tell the story of your shop.  While the posts gave advice on what to include, they also discussed the limitations of the features.  For example, shop owners often struggled with what image to use for their avatar.  Some went with logos, others with product photos and still others with an image of the artist.  Each option had benefits, but it was clear that we wanted to include more photos to provide the backstory of our shops.

The new “About Page” will allow shop owners to tell their stories like never before – with great imagery and plenty of room in the text to cover the whole story.

The Details

There are several key sections to the About Page:

  • Lead Images and Photos – When you click on an About Page, the first thing you see is the wonderful, large photography with captions at the bottom.  I have looked at about 50-100 About pages since the new feature emerged and what I’ve noticed is that I want a story to come through in the images at the top of the page.  Those who tell a story are the ones that grab my attention and draw me into the text below.
  • The copy – Below the photos is where your story can come alive in words.  This is where you can cover your inspiration, your workspace, your designs, whatever helps a customer learn more about your shop and why they should do business with you.
  • The Team – To the right of the copy on the page, you see the people behind the shop.  Whether you are a one person show or a team of two or three.  This section really brings the face of the artist to the forefront.  For those who have chosen a product photo or logo for your avatar, you can finally get that picture of yourself out there that all of your customers have been waiting for.
  • The Links – Below the team member info, you have space to include all of your awesome links – from your website or blog, to your Facebook and Twitter pages, this space will connect buyers to your other rich content online.
  • Featured Listings – At the bottom of the page, some of your featured listings are shown.  I really like this feature because it reminds the shopper of the products you make in your shop.

Difference From Your Profile

Reading comments in the community pages, I think that the biggest struggle everyone is having with the new About Page is how to make the content different from your profile.  From what I’ve read and the examples I’ve seen, here is my opinion.  Make your profile more general about you – what you like, your style and perspective on design. Keep your profile short and sweet….possibly include a link to your about page.

The About page is the primary place to talk about your shop, your process and your designs.  Links out to your other sites on the web should also just be on the About Page.  On the About Page, the links will be live compared to the profile page where you have to copy and paste into your browser.

Tips for a Great About Page

  1. Be Real – Ensure the content on your page makes you feel accessible.  Use language that is easy for the reader to understand (no complex design jargon).
  2. Tell Your Story – Try not to just list the facts about your shop.  Instead, weave together a story that moves from your inspirations, to your designs, to your workspace.  Give customers a peek behind the curtain so that they can see how the design they purchase is produced with love and care.
  3. Use Great Photography and Captions – The Etsy team recently did a great post about photos to consider for your about page.  Three key tips from the post – Show yourself, show your process, and show your workspace!
  4. Include all Shop Members – If you aren’t a one person shop, ensure you include a photo and profile of each team member.  Let customers know there is a team behind the products you produce.
  5. Include Your Links – Drive the traffic to your blog, Pinterest Boards, Facebook and more to get those additional followers.  Just make sure you check the links before making the page live!
  6. Don’t Forget Search – Include the keywords for your shop and products so that you will be picked up in search.  Ensure you don’t overdo and use the words too much, but work them in where it feels natural.

Some EcoEtsy Inspiration

Last week, in my excitement over the announcement, I put up a post for the team asking members to share the new “About” pages they were creating.  We had over 15 team members submit their link.  Every single story is awesome!  I had planned to include one or two examples here.  Instead, I’m going to include links to all of them!

  1. Super Skivvies
  2. Early Bird Jewels
  3. Natures Art Melbourne
  4. Herban Luxe
  5. Lolailo
  6. The FamiLee Jewels
  7. Recycled Wares
  8. Aquarian Bath
  9. Debby Arem Designs
  10. Meadow Muffin Gardens
  11. Earnest Efforts
  12. Fia Naturals
  13. Nikki Designs
  14. Kootsac
  15. Heathered


The About Page can definitely be a little daunting to jump in and create.  I hope that after spending a bit of time browsing the EcoEtsy team member pages, you’ll become inspired to get out there and create your page!  Good Luck!!

Lori – Drinks To Design

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  1. thank you for this awesome post. you’ve inspired me to update mine. i just finished loading some photos & i think it looks awesome. now i have to tackle the copy! check it out if you have the chance… http://www.etsy.com/shop/LynnMinneyDesigns/about/

  2. What a nice surprise to see my garden on our team page, thank-you.
    Perfect advice on how to put this page together – I could’nt agree more about the story idea and choosing photos which complement your story and invite people to read more.
    What I found really useful was some advice I got from a book for Artists managing their business (I’d rather be in the studio by Allyson Stanfield). I keep a notebook around my studio, if I go to market or on a travel and I make notes in it when ever I think of it. I write all my bios, artist statements etc in here all the time now so that I have lot’s to draw from when I have to do something like this.
    Great post! Thanks again.

  3. So excited to have this opportunity to tell a little bit more about where I came from & how I got to selling on Etsy through my About page. Your tips for ways to make it work are fantastic! I will edit the photos & captions as I get my new workspace set up in our new house. Oh, and thanks so much for including the link back to my About page in this article by the way! What a total surprise to be included on the list. All of the team member’s pages were so inspiring as I worked on my own. Great photos, amazing to learn more of the story behind the artist & shop. Thanks for this great article :-)

  4. I am addicted to reading team About pages 😉 Thanks for this great article & the links to more reading!

  5. wonderful post as always !! I have really enjoyed reading so many ABOUT stories from the Etsy community! Here is my story :