{Eco Tips} Green Your Hotel Stay

Last month I wrote an article about eco-friendly camping practices but I realize that not everyone is a camper.  My friend’s idea of “camping” is to stay at a hotel chain with few amenities.  She prefers the plush environment of the 5-star hotels.  Staying in a hotel is a fun way to travel and there are ways you can make your stay more eco-friendly without sacrificing much in comfort.

  • First, don’t have your sheets changed everyday. Chances are, you don’t wash and change your sheets everyday at home so request that you keep the same sheets for multiple days. (We don’t have our sheets changed if we’re staying a week or less.)
  • Next, use your towels for multiple days as well.  Less laundry=less detergent and water use.
  • Don’t use the tiny shampoo and soap samples left in your hotel room.  Instead, pack your own or refill sample sized items from previous visits. Imagine the plastic waste that could be saved if just 1/2 of everyone staying in a hotel did the same!
  • Turn the air conditioning temperature to a warmer temperature while you’re out of the room.
  • Turn the heat down to a colder temperature while you’re out of the room.
  • Keep lights turned off in the room while they’re not being used.
  • If your room isn’t terribly dirty consider skipping maid service for the day(s) it isn’t really needed. (Fewer chemicals being used is helpful to everyone including you!)

Following these tips is a relatively painless way to enjoy your hotel stay even more knowing you’re taking it easy on the Earth. How are you eco-friendly when you travel?

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