{Thought on Shops} A Peek at What Our Team Members are Doing Sooo Well and Some Tips, too

I had to move this month’s Thoughts on Shops to fall because the featured shop closed for the summer – I hope she is sitting on a  beach somewhere right now, drinking margaritas and howling at the moon.

(the thought of this makes me totally jealous although I do howl at the moon once in a while from my backyard but only when my neighbors are at bingo or drunk in their hammock).

Luckily some generous shop owners volunteered for some quick critiquing EcoEtsy style and here they are :

Peaces of Indigo

Peaces of Indigo is the gorgeous artisan jewelry shop of Nashville’s Dawanna Young. Dawanna’s trademarked “crafted with intent, infused with love and made to last” says everything we need to know about her amazing work! Dawanna’s work with recycled metals and sourcing ethical materials is an obsession for her. She has done an excellent job creating an uber-successful handmade business by offering up amazing work and positioning her brand to stand out in a crowded market.


Peaces of Indigo Engagement Ring


Dawanna uses Etsy’s 5 picture locations in the best possible ways. She gets a great first shop pic using her signature background flowing love script branding, she shows her item in use, she shows the handwritten engraving on the ring’s interior and she shows her ring all packaged up, so the customer knows exactly what they will receive.


Peaces of Indigo Standing Out on an Etsy Page


Dawanna totally owns this search page! Her photo styling has allowed her artisan rings to stand out from the other more traditional catalog styling that we have all seen before. She is incredibly click-worthy and her targeted customer will zero right in! She also has excellent google placement for artisan engagement rings and her titles and tags brought up her items within the first few pages of every search on Etsy for her targeted titles that I tried.

Some quick tips for Dawanna: I am betting she has had her banner since the day she opened (many of us have) and I might look to update it to better reflect her brand, walk through the new search to locate her items (we are all going to have to do this … again – ugh) some of the searches such as ‘sapphire ring’ have the potential to pull customers off in so many directions, she might want to make sure she is tagging and titling something (since she has the stock) so customers can find her within 3-4 pages no matter which bar they drop to, repeat titles in tags in the same word order ie if title is ‘blue sapphire ring’ tag with ‘blue sapphire ring’ for best placement in a crowded search.

NOTE TO ALL : Having  separate tags, for example:  red – stone – earrings (3 tags) doesn’t work as well as phrases do ie red stone earrings (one tag), order of tags doesn’t matter right now – also note that tagging ‘red stone earrings’ will give you better placement to someone searching red stone earrings than someone searching ‘red earrings’, so you can tag and title for that, too – of course with relevancy on Etsy which is the default search right now there are other factors – including recent listings/renewals (for competitive searches), something Etsy is calling ‘shopper search aggregate’ believed to be what the customer does from the search – purchases, hearts, tweets, likes – who really knows, and possibly title length (I can’t always get that to test out though) – shorter being better. 

Etsy says that search is not currently based on : descriptions (google looks at descriptions though), materials, tag order, number of listings, number of hearts or views (in general), shop location, the new categories like occasion, etc, also it looks like the first few words of your title no longer carry added weight (although depending on your pictures you probably need your best words decsribing what your item is to be visible under the item pic on your shop pages).


Lynn Minney Designs

Lynn Minney Designs is the totally magnificent recycled purse and accessory shop of, yes, that’s right – Lynn Minney (it pays to brand with your name, folks!) of Phoenix, NY. Her eco-friendly and beautiful handmade goods are crafted by Lynn from old sweaters, jeans and other vintage fabrics.  Her work is incredibly high-quality and one of a kind! Lynn has lots of great stuff going on in her little corner of Etsy.


Lynn Minney Designs Shop Announcement

Her announcement is totally perfect! It’s bold and beautiful, easy to read, and says it all. I love how she totally owns what she does and talks about her passion – YAY for her.

Lynn Minney Designs New ABOUT Section

It doesn’t get any better than this. She tells us a story – she draws us in with amazing pictures – she makes it personal. Note – the photo tagline “visit my website for thrifty ideas on making your own labels and more” – people love FREE. Free gets people talking and is the kind of creative tithing that moves energy and helps establish Lynn as an expert. Pure genius!

Lynn also has a great banner – notice she uses her shop banner to promote her company tagline – thrift. sew. love. (how clever) and uses her shop tagline to get her some great google placement for “unique, recycled purse”. This is exactly how you want to do this (if she sees she is not getting hits from this verbage she can switch it up).

Some quick tips for Lynn: Lynn’s pics are great and she uses Etsy’s 5 picture spaces perfectly. I would add visual interest to her shop home page with some simple (not too busy) model shots for a couple first pics and maybe some before and after pics- from this to this kind of thing and also play up that awesome removable pin more, without model shots I would try to work in some first pics of the entire item on the dressform by adding background or dropping the current pic (vertical) into a square white background so the thumbnail doesn’t crop out the item.

Lynn Minney Designs Sweater Bags

Work through the new searches to see where customers looking for your item might land and tag for that – for example I would add sweater bag and sweater handbag to any missing tags and titles.

NOTE TO ALL – Keyword density in tags – some say if you repeat a word too often you will be less relevant for that word (for example what I have done here with headband) but I have never been able to demonstrate this. It will not make you more relevant if someone is just searching ‘headband’ but will make you more relevant for people searching recycled headband than if you tag the words separately.  Also punctuation in titles, like Lynn uses and the way Dawanna does it , too, is great in titles and helps them make better sense – just be sure to leave a space after the punctuation mark so Etsy can read it as 2 words – for example – reversible headband, flower headband or reversible headband . flower headband not reversibleheadband,flowerheadband – neither Etsy nor Google reads punctuation, but it will be easier on our customers if our titles make sense

Our other two victims volunteer shops will be up next time and a big thank you again to our generous teammies for volunteering their shops!

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