{Eco-Inspirations} A Conscientious 4th of July

Fourth of July will be awkward this year. With the holiday falling into the middle of the week it will make many a reveler stop to ponder when they should host their festivities. And if the date doesn’t throw you off – the following stats will.

According to figures compiled by Andrea Dickson of Wisebread, Americans will prove the following estimates to be true this upcoming holiday:

150 million hot dogs will be consumed this Fourth of July.

700 million pounds of chicken will be purchased the seven days leading up to the holiday.

190 million pounds of red meat will also be stockpiled by Americans.

252 million pounds of  fireworks will be sold to individuals for personal celebrations.

25 million pounds of fireworks will be sold to cities and municipalities for public celebrations.


900 million dollars will be spent on fireworks.

9,200 people will be injured by them.

5 million dollars worth of American flags will be imported into the US from China.

So when planning how you’ll be celebrating, stop to ponder how you can make your festivities more conscientious, less consuming and safer for both people and the planet. If you already have an action plan – share your ideas with us below.

Wishing you a happy Fourth of July!

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Pierogi Picnic – who has written posts on Eco Etsy.
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  1. Oh wow…imagine the impact if that $5 million on American flags made here in the US. That would be a boon to the small business market! I had no idea it was that much.