{Thoughts on Shops} Kanelstrand Photography – surreal photographic prints from Scandinavia!

For this week’s Thoughts on Shops we take a look at the gorgeous and totally stunning surreal fine art photography shop of Norwegian photographer Sonya Kanelstrand.

Sonya says, “in a fast-paced world, where little attention is paid to the favorable effect that art has over people’s imagination I am offering a piece of inspiration to you that will set your mind working and creating” – her work will amaze you – take a peek HERE!

Her banner reflects her minimalist, nature-inspired style and is just perfect. I might add a tagline in a lesser, smaller font to reinforce her branding message. Sonya’s avatar is her book cover and is personal and quirky and just perfect, too. I might flesh out her shop announcement a bit since I know in my own shops it is read much more often than my profile – although our profiles are important, too. Her shop title ranks her within the first 3 entries on a google search for this wording (shop titles have excellent SEO).

Tags and Titles Kanelstrand Photography’s titles and tags are very good. She has a piece or two come up fairly high in most photography searches – I would probably look to add the words photo and photograph when possible – there is alot less competition with those keywords – I wouldn’t eliminate the word photography though because Etsy’s new (again) search sends customers to photography.

(example cloud photography 11,000 items. cloud photograph 3800 items – look to be in both searches)

Also remember to repeat key phrases in titles and tags.

I would also add landscape photography, norway photograph, fine art print, etc. Since Etsy’s listing fees are so inexpensive I would probably list some different size prints in separate listings and then tag and title them differently and see if this brings in more traffic.

(example cloud photography, fine art print, etc – 8X8 in one listing with current 1st pic and then another listing with same photograph using 2nd pic and titling and tagging for scandinavian photography,  cloud photograph, landscape photography, etc – 6X6)

Kanelstrand’s photos are clear and beautiful – I would probably try to break up the first page with some of her current 2nd photos showing the item in use. Usually it is easier to create more visual interest with pics showing depth rather than a page of flat pics.

The goods – Sonya’s prices are in the average/high price range in her category. This is a good thing- it gives her room for specials if she chooses to have any (I notice many of the top selling Etsy photogs run frequent specials – not that she has to do this – run too many specials and you might find it is the only time your customers purchase), positions her as a fine art photographer and gives her room to discount for multiple photo orders. Although Sonya offers multiple photograph listings now (customer’s choice) I would look to get very specific by actually grouping the photos for the customer into one listing.

People don’t always have an eye for what will work well together and usually have large wall spaces to fill. It may be easier for them to see how 4 plus prints works into their room than 1 print.


Wall art is also something that people do not change as frequently as other things, so Sonya might look to add her photos to other items. Iphone cases are very hot right now, jewelry is always popular, postcards, t-shirts, totebags – I know someone who is having her photos made on to shower curtains and doing very well with this. Sonya’s larger than life work seems a perfect fit for BIG things! Expanding her line in these ways also allows her to offer different price points in her shop and impact a larger audience.

Sonya has a wonderful active blog focused on green living and a simpler, more deliberate life. Her blog has a large following and a very outward focus.

She has also written a book about 7 days to better skin and hair with bananas! I could definitely see her all over the place speaking about Banana Beauty – she should submit an outline to the Etsy blog for a post and eco- publications online and in print about it – just genius.

To recap some suggestions would be – check to see what search terms are bringing in views and look to expand those as well as try popular searches and new titles and tags by separating some photos into different size listings, group photos with her experienced eye so customers can visualize the photos on their walls, consider expanding her offerings to include things like Iphone cases, postcards and jewelry, promote her Banana Beauty book  (anything we can do to brand ourselves as an expert within our community is a good thing) and look for ways to best position herself as the go-to photographer for Scandinavian surrealism (not in a “I must take over the world tomorrow” kind of way) in the eco-community.

A big thank you to Sonya for volunteering her shop – everyone make sure to check out Kanelstrand Photography’s incredible work – it is a visible inspiration that will have all of us thinking and acting more creatively in our own lives!

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  1. A great post. Gorgeous photographs

  2. After going over a few of the articles on your website, I really like your way of
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    and will be checking back soon. Please visit my website as well and tell me your opinion.

  3. Cat,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and the effort you put in reviewing my shop.

    This is the first review I get on my shop and I was honestly scared of what I was about to read when I started. I was ready for much worse but instead you elevated my spirits and gave me wings.

    Thank you! You are a true gem! I am already incorporating your ideas!

  4. Kanelstrand says:

    Thank you, Nancy! You know that the love is mutual, don’t you!

  5. You are so awesome at reviewing shops,and I LOVE Sonya’s shop!