[Eco-Inspiration] San Francisco’s Parklets

San Francisco has started a trend that’s sweeping across the nation! And I’m not talking about trolleys or flowers in your hair. The city has been busy transforming parallel parking spots into pedestrian oases used for lounging, loitering and lolly-gagging. This eclectic seaside city is making the most of its characteristic neighborhoods by installing mini parks into vacant street-spots, creating inviting nooks for residents and tourists alike.

The country’s second most densely populated city, San Francisco’s venture into utilizing this space for recreational activities is an idea that’s catching. City planners have already popped up similar parks in Chicago – and it’s just the beginning! The idea of creating green spaces in urban environments is not new – but this innovative way of capitalizing on pavement is going to change the way city dwellers look at their neighborhoods and the cars within them.

Sure, it may not be revolutionary, but what a user-friendly way to encourage more people to take back their blocks while building community!

Have you seen any parklets turning up in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I love my home city, and I think the design to this is just lovely. But, I would love parklets more if they didn’t take up my parking spaces in a city that has no parking spaces anyway. I’ll still visit them though. And sit all over them. And complain about parking as I enjoy them.