{Eco-Inspirations} – Making a Difference in Detroit

In Detroit, Michigan, Cass Community Social Services is making a difference by recycling old tires into floor mats.  Not only are they repurposing trash from the streets of Detroit, but they are also giving a second chance to the homeless in the area.

Director, Faith Fowler, describes the recycling program:

We pick up illegally dumped tires. We’ve picked up over 20,000 in Detroit at no charge to the city. So,  it’s cleaning up the neighborhoods making them safer cause people set them on fire occasionally.

In addition to cleaning up the neighborhoods, workers at Cass are really turning their lives around.  I was inspired by the story of Marcellus.  He’s working making floor mats while attending college to earn his degree.  This video explains what a difference the program is making in Detroit.

You can order a doormat like the one in the lead photo at the Cass Community website.

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  1. very cool!

  2. Really neat article. It is amazing how many people are getting out there and making a difference through craft and upcycling.