{Eco-Inspirations} The Encyclopedia of Country Living

One summer ago in the 1990’s, I was bored and pawing through the book shelves at my parents house when I found a strange encyclopedia — it was  thick and cumbersome, forlorn and dog-eared.  My teenage self first stalled from opening the book thinking “Why would I read something during summer vacation!”

But it was too tempting, and I turned the page.

Little did my 16 year old self  know that my outlook on life would be changed by The Encyclopedia of Country Living. I kept that book by my side for days during summer vacation and started 10th grade in August with a different understanding of the world in which I lived.

Today this book is more relevant than ever. Why?  Because people are becoming more conscious of our impact on this planet, and this book features a wealth of “lost” knowledge that even my country born and bred grandparent’s don’t have. ‘

The author of this book Carla Emery, was an advocate on homesteading and sustainability starting in the 70’s with her School of Country Living. She was certainly a forerunner in the self-sustainable lifestyle.

For all those folks that are stepping into a greener and simpler lifestyle – this book is a must read. You don’t even need to read it cover to cover, just use it like…an encyclopedia! There are chapters and even an index that helps you navigate through it’s replete pages.

Want to know how to cool your house in the summer without A/C?

There’s a chapter for that.

Want to know how to make Elderberry jam?

There’s a chapter for that too.

If you don’t want to buy the book, this blog is dedicated to the book and provides some nice excerpts of the text http://encyclopediacountryliving.blogspot.com/


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  1. I love these kinds of books. A few years ago I picked up one by Lark Crafts called Craft Wisdom & Know-How. It is a fabulous reference book! I’ll be checking out the link you provided. Thanks!

    • the book really is worth buying, there is so much information in it — and it just interesting to glance through from time to time.