{EcoEtsy Finds} Time to Hit the Books and Go Back to School

Happy end of summer everyone and welcome to a brand new school year for many! Out here in Arizona it’s still pretty toasty but most of the kids are either back already, or just getting ready to go back to school. It’s time for lots of folks to do some back to school shopping. But filling the needs of returning students doesn’t have to mean sacrificing an eye on the environment! In our first EcoEtsy Finds I’m going to showcase how cool Green kids can be as they pull out the pencils and notebooks for a brand new school year.

Okay, yes I am dating myself there; I suppose pencils and notebooks were for past generations. Now kids need laptops! You may be thinking to yourself ‘I can’t buy a laptop on Etsy‘ and you’d be right. So let me tell you a little bit about what EcoEtsy Finds are all about.

There are times when we all have to shop, purchase for specific events – holidays, birthdays, because we ran out, because it broke, or, like in this case, back to school. Team EcoEtsy knows that there are certain items needed in all those categories (and more!) and that it’s cool to be Green when shopping.  So perhaps we can’t help you with the laptop itself, but if that thing is going to last the entire school year it wouldn’t hurt to shield it in a protective padded case.

This is where EcoEtsy Finds come into play. And with over 350 members on this team it’s safe to say that pretty much any and all of your needs can be met no matter what you’re looking for!

Here’s a sample of some of the great items you can get for the kids in your life as they prepare to head back into their caves of homework and learning. You’ll feel great knowing everything came from environmentally responsible shops. And your kids will look and feel cool while staying eco-friendly.

The aforementioned laptop will stay safe and snug in this upcycled wool and padded case from LynnMinneyDesigns. The coolest thing of all? The fabric pattern is unisex so it can be carried by guys or girls!

The temperatures will soon start to come down here in the United States but that doesn’t mean kids can stop doing homework. Stay toasty warm as you click on the keys in these cheerful organic cotton fingerless gloves by SoulRole!

Even though brown bags and plastic bags have fallen by the wayside for eco-conscious consumers that doesn’t mean kids stopped taking lunch to school. This reusable sandwich bag by Snackaby will save countless one-time-use bags from being tossed. Just rinse and reuse every day of the school year!


Not everything is done online these days and kids will still need to carry some bulky textbooks. They’ll stay on track with their studies because they’ll never lose their place with this fun hand cut and hand stamped aluminum bookmark by LeatherwoodDesigns!

No matter what your kids need to take to school with them as they don their thinking caps for the best education possible, it’s pretty likely you’ll be able to find it available within Team EcoEtsy!

What do your kids need for back to school? What unique items have you purchased from Team EcoEtsy in the past that would be awesome for a returning student? Share in the comments!

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Laptop Case by LynnMinneyDesigns

Fingerless Gloves by SoulRole

Sandwich Bag by Snackaby

Metal Bookmark by LeatherwoodDesigns

Jenn Flynn-Shon is a fiction Author, blogger, poet, Zine enthusiast and frequent Guest Poster on the Team EcoEtsy blog.

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