{Eco Inspirations} 3 steps to a greener life

There are hundreds, if not thousands of things  you can do to live a greener lifestyle. Here are a few that are fairly easy to implememt and have a big impact on simplifying and greening your life.

1) Stop  consuming commercial/mass products.

All of those bottles of shower and sink cleaners; shampoos, cosmetics and fragrances could be eliminated from your house  and your budget.  There are numerous organic and chemical free alternatives. Items like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice which can replace most of your cleaning supplies easily.

Also in the kitchen — reduce your reliance on processed foods, like canned soups and veggies, snacks and other sugary, nutrientless foods. Replace with frozen or fresh produce, fresh and local meats and other naturally nutrious foods.

2) Donate your time/ labor and skip the gym

From going through some tough economic times last year, I went without my gym membership. Instead I opted for walking the dog more, riding my bike to do errands, helping with yard work, gardening and other tasks. If you have an elderly family member or friend, offer to mow their yard, shovel snow or help around the house. Volunteer to walk your busy friends dog. There are lots of ways to physically active without having to pay for it. And you will be able to help  someone out in the process.

3) Buy secondhand or American made

When you buy something secondhand or American made you are supporting your domestic economy.  In the past year I have only bought a handful of new items, with everything else being found at a flea market or garage sale. if you do a little planning buying preloved items is easy to do.

Of course beyond this list there are all kinds of ways to green up your life, but these three steps are pretty easy to execute and will significantly change the way you cosuse and how youcontribute to this planet.

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  1. Andrea Verstegen says:

    I could also suggest a most important idea , that seems to be overlooked here, and it is that Etsy’s sellers limit their sales to only within the local area/country. Yes, financially you won’t do as well, but wow, you’ll be solidifying your reputation as being ecologically responsible, while cutting back the amount of pollution that is emitted into the atmosphere. The earth is asking for immediate action, not bandaid solutions.