{Eco-Inspirations} A Raw Labor Day

Labor Day is a holiday that holds great meaning for many United Stationers. For those with 9-5 jobs, it’s an extra day off. For others it’s a time to reflect on their roles within the workplace. And yet for most it’s the official summer send off. But no matter how you may be celebrating today – there’s one thing that binds us all together: food.

Like most national holidays, Labor Day is peppered with cooking rituals that we maintain year after year. Many of you may be firing up the grills as you read this and know all about using natural kindling and locally grown organic produce. You may even have dipped into some great EcoEtsy recipes like these homemade popsicles or meat-free suggestions. But have you thought of challenging yourself to go beyond a veggie burger?

I’ve been thinking about this as I plan my own holiday meal. I’m already a veg-head, so that’s a first step to greening my feast. But what about having a raw spread? What about ditching the flames all together?! But where do you start?

How about trying your hand at a Rawmazing Burger filled with mushrooms, walnuts and pumpkin seeds? Or what about trying a Tomato Jalepeno Burger if you’re looking for some kick? The internet is teaming with recipes for burgers, slaws, and desserts that can be made heat-free, allowing each ingredient to retain its nutrients, while giving your family and guests something new to try.

So if you haven’t busted out the briquettes yet – stop – and take a new approach to your Labor Day feast. Who knows, maybe this experiment will inspire you to delve even further into raw food dining in the future.

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