{Eco-Inspirations} Drive Less, Bike More

So many of us want to live greener lifestyles and cut back on our carbon footprint, but there is one part of the carbon footprint that people seem to struggle with: commuting. There’s no point in denying that we live in a car-centric country, but what if you – yes, you – could start changing that trend? You can, and it’s easier than you might think.

What if every time you prepared to leave the house, you stopped before grabbing the car keys and considered whether you actually needed to take the car? What about that dusty old mountain bike in the corner of your garage? Could you take that, instead?

Bicycle commuting is not difficult, and indeed, is extremely fun and enjoyable when you get into the routine. The hardest thing about it is simply breaking the habit of always driving and making up your mind to bicycle, instead.

The important thing is to start small – don’t decide to bicycle everywhere you go from now on. Take it one day, one commute at a time. Take small trips to get you comfortable with being out on the road. Educate yourself about the local bicycle rules so you feel confident and secure. Get your kids to go with you – it’s a great way to sneak in some family time and a workout!

How will you incorporate your bicycle into your commuting routine this week?


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  1. I am a dedicated bike commuter and I love it! I arrive at work refreshed and alert.

    I have lived in a bigger city where commuting by bike was a bit of a hazard, so I understand that too.

    I found it easy to invest in a bike and the accessories I needed to ride in comfort…..nothing too fancy for me. I knew it was a cheaper, healthier & a more environmental choice to make.

  2. Don’t I wish!! Biking is, unfortunately, a hazard in my suburb – I can’t go to work without getting on a highway. I would love to be able to take public transportation and, if it existed here, I would.

    • That is a definite downside. I used to live out in the country, and I would drive to town and park in a central location. Then I’d walk everywhere and come back to drop stuff off in the car! It worked pretty well and gave me a good workout! :)