{EcoEtsy Finds} My 32nd Birthday Wish List

 Birthday Card from shandke

As the eve of my 32nd birthday approaches I begin to look around me and take stock of all the wonderful things I’ve been blessed with. A wonderful man who believes in every crazy idea I have, our 8 year old son loving and true, our 2 year old daughter precocious and clever, a house to call our own and a career at a school I love teaching what is dearest in my heart. I truly couldn’t ask for any other gifts. But there are days when I pour over the shops of my fellow artisans and add things to my wish list. Here are some of my favorites this year.

This is Omnatura‘s Hot Magenta and Snow White Geode Ring. I have always been a hobby jeweler with a weakness for gemstones especially anything drusy. I love how the organic forms of the drusy crystals contrast with the pop of fuscia. This would definitely be a ring to wear out on the town. I love that Omnatura has a commitment to using materials that are sustainable as well as having plenty of designs that are unique and eye popping.

In KinetikSoul’s shop I have truly found a kindred spirit. I love the juxtaposition of natural and free flowing designs that are contained by geometric forms. Soft and hard come together to compliment any outfit. I just fell in love with these bamboo earrings.

The colors of fall just burst with this amazing Nuno Felt Scarf from LizetFrijters.  The luxurious texture is soft and I love how the many layers take it from an ordinary scarf to an extraordinary centerpiece for your fall wardrobe.

This next piece from JennerationFix just captured my heart with its retro meets modern feel.  I have a mini obsession with vinyl and am lucky enough to have some amazing albums framed in my house.  Alas I haven’t a record player to play them on, but this wall clock has all the nostalgia and more.

Trying to maintain your love for cooking can be challenging after doing it every night, but I know I would enjoy it even more with this really fun Eco Rhomboid Reclaimed Wood Chopping Block from SimplyNu.  They have such a great collection of eco friendly housewares that would definitely make you a favorite at a house warming or gift exchange.

SpaGoddess appealed to my senses with my favorite fragrance, Amber in this Divinity mix with Jasmine, Neroli and Ylang-Ylang.  This shop has so many wonderful and natural body products that are suitable for the every day pampering we all need.  I’ve always been a believer in Aromatherapy because its good not only for your body but your mind and soul.

Finally, I conclude with a fantastical piece that is versatile as it is classic and simple.  EmilyWestLowry has these lovely little shoe clips made with Ivory Peacock Feathers and Rhinestones.  Anything that can make a cute pair of shoes the envy of all others makes it to the top of my list any day.  She also has a great array of fascinators, hair clips and pins that bring a classic vintage note to any outfit.

Even if its not your birthday, you should always be keeping some kind of wish list!  We all deserve something special now and again and I love how there is such an abundance of fresh finds created by the many talented members of the Eco Etsy team.  We would love it you would comment with your own wish list item!

Thanks for reading!  Brittaini Pulver of Long Mountain Art

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  1. longmountainart says:

    thanks Kathy! :)

  2. Happy Birthday and may your upcoming year be filled with people you love and things you love to do!