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Glorious Cat Eye Vintage Eyeglass frames. style approved by Scout by joonE


Temperatures are starting to fall (here in Virginia) and I have noticed a few leaves starting to change, beautiful yellows, brilliant oranges and ta da… inspiration! Very inspired and grateful to have this fabulous team to support,  grow, and encourage eco-goodness.

I am deeply moved by the creativity and like-minded people around the world who have found a place on Etsy.  Finds that speak to me seem to tell a story.  They set the scene, introduce new characters,  and a story begins in a world where we all care deeply about the environment and social responsibilities that go along with it. This (of course) brings a smile to my face and an extra layer of peace to my heart.

To quote a wonderful song, “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.” -Pink Floyd “Breathe”

Time for color, mood, statements, ideas… pull up a chair, grab a cup of Jo, settle in, it’s time for a trip.

Small things… I have a great appreciation for them and they seem to make everything okay sometimes…

It’s an early fall day.  Sweaters and scarves start to don the beautiful people of your town when you notice this broach full of personality and maybe a metaphorical smile, a conversation piece that is much more than an accessory.  (love the description she provides)

 Geometric Tribal Pin / Native Inspired Wood Brooch Jewelry / Hippie Holiday Gift

Geometrical tribal pin/ Native inspired wood brooch by ReGrowRoots

Here’s a little jewel… Who doesn’t like to get a card from a friend or loved one? Even better one from a team Eco Etsy member?  Made from recycled goodness in the cycle of life and ready to keep the cycle going… and the best part… the card is also a seed!

 Eco-Friendly Plantable seeded card by okkudesign

A striking piece of work for your wall… bright colors and shapes to brighten your mood take you out of your daily grind to a place of fancy and fun…

 Vitamins – Original Gouache Painting on Antique Book Paper by kipi

Lastly, but most certainly not least, towels… to dry or wipe your beautiful hands (in the kitchen or at the dinner table).  This is a beautiful example of the little things (like using these in lieu of paper towels) that can make a huge difference if we all participate.  Use them to complete a theme in your kitchen, add a splash of color, sing a song, all the while saving precious trees.

 Cloth napkins set Hemp Organic Cotton Eggplant by JenniferJoyCreative

All of these were found right here in our team.  Happy Fall and thanks for stopping by.  Find pieces for your story, get involved, and love your neighbors.  I hope these finds inspire you on your way to save the planet and be a better citizen.  Inspired?  Tell me about it!  Drop a line, I’d love to hear from you.

Have a beautiful day, see you next time!!  Nicole from Turquoisemama

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My creations are reincarnations of the beauty I see around me. They are fun, playful organic pieces made one at a time with up-cycled, vintage and environmentally friendly practices. My pieces are high quality and made with much attention to detail, comfortable and funky. As I am inspired, I match or create fabrics to tell a story. Journeys into joy or sunshine


  1. Toni no baloney says:

    Loving all the great insights and shopping finds.
    Thank you for reminding us to slow down and notice the inspiration all around us and for recognizing all of the positivity found right here on our very own little planet.

    • turquoisemama says:

      Thanks Toni! I know I can always use a reminder too… spread the word! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Love these awesome items! After our hot summer, I am welcoming fall with open arms!

  3. Not gonna lie….I love that greeting card!