Introducing the New Writers to the Team!

As you all  know, the EcoEtsy Team has a new leaderLori Sullivan of DrinkstoDesign.  Before announcing her decision to step down, our fearless leader of the past two years, Karen Lee of EcoKaren and HerbanCrafts,  called me to ask if I would do her a great favor – take over management of the EcoEtsy blog so Lori, who has managed our blog, could assume the position as Team Leader.  I was flattered that Karen had that much faith in me; managing the EcoEtsy blog is a big responsibility.  I had to mull it over a bit but Karen convinced me I’d be able to do it, so with a bit of hesitation I accepted.

Now that you know how I fell into my new role as the EcoEtsy blog manager, let me share a little about myself.  My name is Myra Roldan, I am the owner of HerbanLuxe where I offer handmade vegan makeup – mainly mascara and StickersnStash, which is one of my original Etsy shops. I started dabbling with Etsy in 2005 with little success, but after selling my first makeup business in 2009, I decided Etsy would be my new full-time platform. In 2009, I also joinged the  EcoEtsy team.

Over the past nearly two year, I have enjoyed writing business tips for the EcoEtsy blog and helping out with small tasks as long the way with other team members. Joining the EcoEtsy team has been a great experience and I’ve made many good friends along the way.  I’ve watched the team grown and evolve and am excited to be part of of this new chapter.

As a growing and ever-evolving team, we continually have members volunteer for the coveted opporutnity to write for the EcoEtsy blog. Our team members have a wealth of knowledge and are always eager to share, which makes being an EcoEtsy member invaluable.  So I’d like to end my post by Welcoming and Introducing you all to our Newest EcoEtsy Bloggers!


Emily of EmilyWestLowry. I grew up on my parent’s farm which has been in my family for 6 generations, I developed an admiration for times, peoples and places of the past as my dad was an avid picker and lover of historical and wild places. When my dad told me that my great-great grandfather planted most of the trees on our property back in the 1880’s I believed that the towering cottonwood trees  held a piece of his spirit. So following suit of my growing up, I graduated from college with a double degree in History and Geography, specializing in Historical Cartography and Environmental History. While I was attending college, I started my handmade business as a senior in  2010, and became 100% self employed in the Spring of 2011. I hope to continue my crafty business and to also make my way into sustainable living activism and freelance prose and song writing.

Sara of wormewoole – I was raised eating organic vegetables and meat from our farm, recycling/reusing everything possible, and with an understanding of the special-ness of this historical and geographic spot on the shore of Lake Superior. After spending many years in Hawaii, I returned to my roots and hometown in 2006. I thoroughly love living in the country and doing the things my family has done forever, like making applesauce and hanging my clothes on the line. I am happy to be using reclaimed materials to create special eco-chic accessories for you and to be promoting a green lifestyle. I also drive “Mom’s Taxi” all over the county and across state lines and write articles for publication in my spare time.  You can also find me on Facebook.

EcoEtsy Finds

Amanda of Simply Rustic. I’m a thirty something Momma to an almost three year old little guy and a four year old, nine year old and sixteen year old girls. Wife to a wonderful, supportive husband that loves to make me laugh.  I love my morning cup of coffee (or three), my evening cup of decaf green tea and honey and occasionally a glass of good wine.  I’m an Environmentalist at heart, love being outside playing with my kids, getting down in the dirt organic gardening and growing herbs, fishing and exploring nature.  On a rainy day I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee, cuddling up on the couch and reading a good book but that has not happened in years. I also have a love for learning and have become quite the researcher.  My passion is caring for my family, the world we live in and helping others.  I’m obviously a big supporter of natural, organic, non-toxic and safe beauty, skin and personal care products and cleaning products – basically any product that comes in contact with my family and yours, I want it to be safe and beneficial without all the “yucky” stuff.

Brittaini of Long Mountain Art – I am first and foremost the mother of one inquisitive son, Santiago and a very clever daughter, Adelina.  I am blessed to be with an amazing man Aaron for 12 years.  I have an interesting career that constantly keeps me on my toes as a high school art teacher in the urban district of Columbus, Ohio since 2002.  I originally grew up in Farmington, Michigan and felt the need to spread my wings so I came here to Columbus to Capital University in 1998.  I have always been interested in being mindful of the earth and her gifts and enjoy sharing my knowledge with my own family as well as my students.  I consider myself a hodge podge artist who can’t really settle on one medium.  My loves are ceramics and metalsmithing but my business is in printmaking and silk screening.  I really am inspired by nature in its organic simplicity and geometric complexities.  I am fairly new to EcoEtsy and am very excited to join a group of like minded artisans and hope I can contribute to this amazing collection of people.

Ariana of ArianaBauer is a designer, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri area.  Growing up in the country with her family, she learned to sew at the age of 6 and never stopped learning.  She lives in the gateway city with her two boys and husband creating fashions from natural fibers.  Her eco-savvy styles are made using a combination of ancient techniques and modern style to help keep our world both green and beautiful.

Nicole of Turquoisemama – I am a Louisiana native (currently living in Virginia)  with strong ties to my Cajun ancestry. Very blessed to come from such a lively, loving and colorful culture.  I have been writing for decades and thought it time to  share and grow.   Recently written my first published article for a local paper in the little town I live in and volunteered to write for Eco Etsy, which I am thrilled about!!  I also create, mostly with textiles and have a shop here on Etsy.  A mom, wife, daughter and sister, I am, currently living in a quaint historic town, about an hour outside of D.C., in Virginia.  We enjoy beautiful seasons, mountains, rivers and are close enough to visit the seemingly never ending museums and goings- on nearby.

Green Living

Emily of Felt Sassy –  Growing up I was basically the “girl next door”, going to Catholic school and running around with friends in the neighborhood.  Now married to a Cuban immigrant/Engineer/College Professor we have two children and we are enjoying life in our little “suburban farm”.   We have backyard chickens, a garden and even a little orchard going.  I am a stay at home mom with a Master’s Degree.  In my free time I love to “thrift shop” and see what I can do or make with my finds.  I have also been working with a fellow Michigander, who authored a book called “Haylee’s Treasure”.  A children’s book, based in Michigan about a young girl and Michigan Woodenware bowls.  The book also features many artists and their handmade wares, including my loon patch!  Follow me on Pinterest and Facebook.

Food & Gardening

Yancy of Five Seed  –  When I was a little girl, my aunt gave me a book about six cousins who lived in the woods and healed an injured rabbit with their bag of herbal medicines. Since then, I have been obsessed with natural healing and herbal folklore. I spent years researching herbal remedies and crafting balms and salves to help me heal from my own skin problems. The success I experienced with my products made me want to share them with the world. And so I opened Five Seed in January 2010. The name alludes to the natural, beautiful simplicity of the apple. Natural simplicity is my guiding principle – both as a business owner, and a student of life.

Diane of Crave Cute – I grew up on a farm on the plains of southern Nebraska, but  I always dreamed of living in the woods. My dream was fulfilled about 15 years ago when I moved to a wooded suburb in Minnesota.  My love of wildlife and the environment led me to learn about Eco-friendly and sustainable gardening techniques.  I live on a small environmental lake in Minnesota with my husband and three adorable cats. Our yard has been a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation for over 10 years.  We all enjoy watching the ever changing wildlife in our backyard and have seen everything from bald eagles to coyotes pass by.  When not gazing out the window, I also enjoy searching Flea Markets for cute things to fill my home and shop.  Visit my blog  to learn more and follow me on Twitter  and Pinterest.

Bonnie of TheFamileeJewels – My Mother calls it digging through other peoples trash but I find beauty there.  I love old things and call them “vintage”.   I look for grime and oxidation and call it “patina”.  I search through other peoples cast offs and call it treasure.  I am a magpie. I freely admit it. I love a day spent at a flea market or garage sale picking through the smalls and looking for bits and pieces that can be used in my jewelry designs. Old leather, rhinestones, lonely earrings, tiny toys and game pieces, keys (I adore keys), old brass cabinet hardware, decorative tins, and even an old compass have found their way into my inventions. Once home and sorted I place my finds in little piles of likely combinations as I introduce the finds to one another and figure out which combination will provide inspiration.
Then the fun begins. Cutting here, filing there, shaping it a little, wiring and riveting pieces together to tell a story…and to make a piece of jewelry that is comfortable and fun to wear.  Because Life is too short to wear department store jewelry.

Cory of AquarianBath – Cory is a soap maker, community herbalist, organic gardener, and homeschooling mom.  Her background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biology.  Cory and her family live in Daytona Beach, which is USDA growing zone 9a.  Find Cory’s blog and social networking sites at AquarianBath.

Maggie of MarktheOccasionD – Maggie is the owner of Mark the Occasion Designs, a shop dedicated to handmade weddings, flowers, and gifts hopefully made by reusing special heirloom cloth, jewelry, and other sentimental items. She is also training to become a certified yoga teacher. She spends her free time hanging with her free-thinking husband and her low-to-the-ground Corgi, eating chocolate, and daydreaming about her next big idea.

Let’s show our new blog writer’s some love by sharing your well wishes as comments and checking out their shops.


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Myra is an Etsian with an MBA. The art of business and technology are her two obsessions. She has been writing EcoEtsy Business Tips since 2010. Myra grew up in Puerto Rico with grandparents who were a head of their time and didn't know it - living what we would call today, "a simple green life." Her love of learning and teaching are the key drivers in almost everything she does.


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