{Business Tips} New Etsy Features and Updates for Sellers

On August 31, 2012, Etsy Seller were greeted with a message from Etsy announcing the Etsy Gift Cards, just one of the many new goodies Etsy is rolling out.  When I first wrote about Direct Checkout I anticipated Etsy introducing additional services. So far we have Etsy Shipping Labels, Listing Labels, and now Etsy Gift Cards which, will introduce a new stream of revenue for Etsy and for sellers. Today, I’ll recap a few of the new features and updates and share some great resources with you.

Etsy Gift Cards

According to the announcement Etsy made, Etsy Gift Cards will only be available to shops who currently offer Direct Checkout as a payment option.  If you are still on the fence about enabling direct checkout for your shop, you can read some of the pros and cons in a a July post I wrote on this topic. There are some benefits to direct checkout, I guess the most important benefits is that you don’t need PayPal to process your payments.  Now the second benefit to Direct Checkout will be the fact that shoppers who receive an Etsy Gift Card will be able to shop at your shop and other shops and use their gift card. This can be a great benefit to your shop during the holidays.

Etsy Shipping Labels

When I first learned about Etsy Shipping Labels from one of our fabulous EcoEtsy teamies.  Don’t get me wrong, I had skimmed the Etsy post on this topic but then it got lost in my chaotic world of a million other things I have to remember. Etsy Shipping Labels let’s you print shipping labels for your orders right from your shop, you don’t pay for postage when you print it, it’s added to your Etsy bill.  There is a caveat, you’re Etsy Bill must be current and you’re bill balance can not be over $25.

The shipping labels option is available  to all sellers who offer Direct Checkout as a payment option, however it is not an automatic feature, you have to turn it on.  To enable Etsy Shipping Labels, you must join the Shipping Improvement Team on Etsy, after joining the print shipping label option will appear on your sold orders screen next to the transactions.  When you click the Print Shipping Label button, you will have to configure your shipping information the first time you use it, then enter the USPS shipping method, weight of your package, type of package and purchase the postage. Unlike PayPal, the shipping label will not automatically launch for printing. You must go into the order detail screen and scroll down a little to find the shipping label, which you can download and print.

Before I joined the Shipping Improvement Team to enable the Shipping Labels option, I was printing my shipping labels for all my direct checkout orders using PayPal Ship Now, which required some cutting and pasting – thank goodness this feature was introduced before the holidays.

Listing Improvements

If you haven’t heard of Etsy’s listing improvements, I think you’ll like this one.  Listing Improvements adds some

additional functionality to the seller backend.  The first improvement has been helpful, it’s the Listing Labels.  Listing Labels are color coded filters you can assign to each individual listing, you can give each color box a unique name that fits your needs, to assign the color code to a listing check the box for your listing and select the label.  You can then manage your listings based on their labels using the Filter tool.

Listing Improvements is also testing a listing thumbnail editor, which allows you to crop your main listing photos to select the area of the photo you want to display. The thumbnail editor appears on the preview page of the listing you just created or edited.

The other nice feature is the QTY update, which allows you to change your listing quantities without having to edit the listing completely.  You can do it right from the listings panel.

To activate all these goodies in your shop, you must join the Listing Improvements team.  The great thing about this team is that they want your feedback on the features they are beta testing and you can  also share your wish list of desired features.

Listing Variations

Listing variations is another beta testing team on Etsy.  The listing variation options come in really handy for sellers who are offering items in different sizes, colors and other options. They are continually working to add improvements.  Recently, they have tied the available variation options to the intended recipient, so if you have child selected as the indented recipient in your size options for that specific type of recipient will appear.  Checkout the team for a better explanation.

Etsy has been riding the wave of changing and it looks like we can expect some great changes along the way.  If you’ve found a cool little known feature or have a comment or question about the features listed in this post, be sure to share it as a comment.

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  1. Just got bumped up to the $100 dollar level, so I’m not sure what the upper limit is.

  2. Actually the bill balance for using shipping depends on the seller. Mine is set at $50.

  3. Great info Myra. I will have to check out the new listing improvement for cropping thumbnails, that sounds much better. Direct Checkout is working well for me, I will have to try shiping through Etsy now. Thanks for all the details. Much appreciated!!! Off share…

  4. this was a great read… Very helpful..