Simple, Casual and Eco-Friendly Date Night

A romantic dinner, walking hand in hand a long the river, lounging on the deck enjoying conversation and a cup a coffee or sitting quietly watching a beautiful sunset… I don’t know why this idea popped in my head, other than I love date nights and Etsy.  It could also be the crazy, busy summer and I haven’t had a date night with my husband in quite a while. Or the soon-to-be cooler Fall nights sound nice snuggling up on the couch with your significant other.

I enjoy date nights for a few simple reasons – a great way to reconnect with my husband and to have a conversation without interrupting children and it feels good to get dressed up a little, apply some makeup and feel pretty.  This lead to daydreaming and an EcoEtsy date night friendly search of many wonderful items that was tough to narrow down.  I decided to stick with my simple, casual and eco-friendly style.

I enjoy getting ready for date night because it is not part of my normal routine and I get a little extra time to pamper myself. I love the natural look when it comes to makeup or highlighting your favorite features.  I came across Herban Luxe’s Vegan Mineral Mascara and thought perfect. A little curling of the eyelashes and a coat of this lush mascara will make those beautiful eyes stand out.


Applying a touch of color wouldn’t hurt either. Whether it’s to highlight your cheekbones or tint your lips, this Vegan Cheek and Lip tint in Garnet by Zosimos Botanicals is the perfect color to do just that.


There were so many accessories to choose from that would look great with almost anything you already have hanging in your closet.  I thought this Purple Chrysanthemum Brooch by Marang Studios (made from a repurposed t-shirt) is adorable and fun.


Next to rings, earrings are my favorite type of jewelry. I love unique earrings and think they can add a little something to any outfit. These Peridot Earrings from One Loom Studio are irresistable (they are on my Christmas List now).


For those cool nights while you are enjoying a stroll a long the river or watching a beautiful sunset.  Perfect color for Fall, this shawl, knitted with 100% Tencel yarn by AnnyMay, has many uses.


Of course I can’t forget the purse, clutch, tote, bag, etc. that we need to carry everything we own. I have way to many of these already.  I guess “bags” are what I “collect” and it was very hard not to purchase any of them! I’m still trying to resist this one…a burlap clutch from repurposed Kauai Coffee sack by Manila Extract. Great size to carry a long a few necessities for date night.


For the man, since it is his date night, too.   I’m a sucker for a great smelling man especially when the scent isn’t too strong but you can get a whiff of it every now and then. A little of Herban Lifestyle’s After Shave – rum and spices, how can you go wrong with that?


Accessories for men…I wasn’t sure about this but found several interesting and unique items. I know the man in my life likes to consider himself a “manly man” (it’s an ego booster) so when I saw this upcycled leather cuff by wearwolf, I thought, how appropriate?


I love when a man’s confidence shows through by what he wears. I love the orange and blue colors of this Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt by Soul Role. It looks so comfy, she is right – I might as well get one of my own.


Are you exhausted with all of these great ideas for date night? I am. I figured, instead of getting a babysitter so we can go out for date night, I will send the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the night and my husband and I can enjoy the peace and quiet at home snuggling on this vintage, one-of-a-kind, unique and beautiful chaise lounge by Vintage Renewal.


Date night can be a lot of fun because you do have many options but the most important thing is being able to have uninterrupted time with your significant other, where the focus is just the two of you.

Lead in Picture is a unique and fun necklace by Molecular Muse. Love is very powerful!

Do you have date night? What do you enjoy doing on date nights? Have you purchased anything from Team EcoEtsy that was for date night or another special occasion?

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  1. What a fun post! Love the way you featured all these wonderful products! Thank you for this great information!