{Business Tips} Some New Etsy Shop Insights

If you are anything like me, I rely heavily on my stats to continually refine and improve my shop performance.  However, I will admit that I am focused on just a few sources for my insights – shop stats on Etsy, my blog metrics, and Facebook insights.

The other day, I decided to branch out a little and find some new sources of information.  In my search for new ideas, I ran across several sources that I thought were really cool and were a great compliment to the base metrics I’m using.  In addition, I found a couple marketing tools that were equally interesting.

I’m hoping that the sites might provide you with a bit of insight about your shop and some new tools to help you promote your products!

Overall Marketing Insights

One of the best sites I came across was Hubspot’s Marketing Grader.  You can enter the URL for any website and the grader provides you lots of great input.

I tried the grader using my blog site and my Etsy shop URL.  This grader definitely works better focusing on your blog site.  The shop URL seemed to tie to tightly to Etsy itself and made the metrics seem inflated.  You receive an overall score and then scores for “top of the funnel”, “middle of the funnel” and “analytics”.

As you scroll down through the report, many insights and suggestions are provided.  I felt I learned a few things that were new and definitely got some ideas on how I could make my marketing stronger.  Take a look and see if it gives you some new marketing ideas!


The second site I found that provided some interesting insights was Tools 4 Etsy.  There are all kinds of things you can do on this website.  You are able to quickly pull information about your shop – like the most recent treasuries created with your items included.

However, what I enjoyed the most about this site was the ability to benchmark anything – from shops, to tags, to keywords, pricing and more.  You are able to consider your listings and quickly compare to others who are offering similar items.

Shop Value and Marketing Tools

Cre8tivity was the next stop on the new ideas journey.  This site had a variety of tools including stats, widgets, and support for the “back office”.  You just type in your shop name and lots of information is at your fingertips.

In the statistics section, you are able to see the distribution of your products across sections of your shop and compare that distribution to the sections shoppers most frequently visit.  For my shop, I was able to see that 28% of my inventory is wine glass charms and 35% of my visits are to that section of the shop…..that insight may cause me to make some adjustments.

In the “Item Hearts” section of the site, you see details of each product in your shop like the example below:

The coolest part of this feature is that you are able to click on the Facebook and Twitter icons and you are ready to write an intro to the link with the listing you want to feature.

This site also has a tool that helps you create flyers of your products that you could hand out at events.  You are able feature one to four items from your shop in the piece.  If you feature just one style, all five photos, the price, and the description are included.  You are able to edit the price and descriptions if you like prior to downloading the design.

Value and Priority

Next up….Etsy Hacks.  There were two sections of the site I want to highlight.  The first is the shop value.  After typing in your shop name, you are able to see the total value of the items in your shop along with the price range of your items.

The second area is “Where Am I?”.

In the “search” box, you type in a search term….ie. “recycled”.  Then, in the “target user name”, you type in your shop name.  The program runs and tells you what page your first product would fall on if a shopper used that search term.


As I said at the beginning of the post, I was looking for some new ideas and insight for the business and I was certainly able to find that with these sites.  I hope that if you have a bit of time you might explore and get some inspiration of your own.  Try the sites and let me know your favorites and what you’ve learned!

Enjoy!  Lori – DrinksToDesign

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  1. thanks so much

  2. I went to http://www.tools4etsy.com and tried to find the benchmarking tool for pricing, but was unable to… Where exactly is it?


    • Gloria – I did some pricing benchmarking through the keyword tool. I typed in things that I would expect customers to type in for my items and then benchmarked the pricing of the items that came up. While the price doesn’t show in the main view, if you scroll over the images the prices pop up.

  3. Thank you for this, Lori. Being brand, brand new to Etsy, I’m going to keep these sites and tools in mind… once I have some stats to check. 😉 EtsyHacks will be helpful right now with my search terms.


    • Thanks Peggy! You should also check out the Tools4Etsy site. They had several things in there that might help you with tags and price comparisons as you get started.