{Eco-Inspirations} Pumpkin Party

Happy Monday! It’s time for your weekly dose of Eco-Inspirations – and when thinking about what to highlight this go-around the choice seemed obvious: Pumpkins. Sure I could bring you the latest green tech news or a moving story about what one small town is doing to make their community more sustainable – but it being the first day of October – and with fall in full swing – it’s time to pay some homage to my favorite icon of the season.

There’s so much that we already do with this seasonal gourd. Whether a tree hugger or gas guzzler – it seems that the pumpkin is the most popular and diversely utilized of any item found in the produce aisle. Between now and Thanksgiving, people will be baking, boiling, roasting, carving and decorating with these oafs of the squash kingdom and doing so with vigor.

So how can we push our use of this tasty and trendy treat further? I dug up the following ideas from across the internet to inspire you to take your pumpkin use to the next level this fall.

1. Make musical instruments.  From maracas and drums to fancy pants banjos – there’s so much you can do to make your gourd shake its groove thing!

2. Whip up some scrumptious body butter. Pumpkin’s not just good for digestion – it does wonders for the skin!

3. Scent your home with homemade pumpkin pie potpourri. Forget eating dessert – what about filling the air of your place with the glorious scent of pumpkin pie without having to actually bake anything?!

4. DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte. Need I say more?

5. Create a set of pumpkin candles. A great way to create ambiance on those “off-the-grid” nights.

6. Make a bio-degradable bird feeder. Your local birdie friends will love you for it!

The net is teaming with other ways you can utilize this marvelous gourd! From creative seed recipes to gorgeous gourdy lanterns - the possibilities truly seem endless.

Do you have a unique use for this wonder-squash? If so – share it with us!

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  1. I love pumpkins too and can’t wait to start adding them to my soups!

  2. Love these ideas. I’m in halloween decorating mode and will have to try making pumpkin candles.

  3. There is nothing that invokes the feeling of Fall more than pumpkins! Great post, and LOTS of wonderful ideas.