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Fall leaves by FrenchCountryLife

One ending… another beginning…

The lively shade trees burst with brilliant colors fading from green to red, orange and brown.  The warm sun and air turn chilli, we no longer try to stay cool, but warm.  It’s slow transition.  We put away summer dresses, shorts and tank tops to accommodate for the CHANGE in temperatures.

Change is all around us… fall has fallen and there are of course elections (here in the U.S.) drawing nearer.  This change ties in, in so many ways to our Eco Etsy frame of mind.  Transformation from one thing to another.  It is all around us – reincarnation if you will – metamorphosis.  Keep the cycle going… the landfills are big enough.

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the cycle of life… changing seasons that play out on the larger stage of life… year after year… a reminder.  Good songs about it… “winter, spring, summer or fall”…  I’ll start with fall (since that’s where we are on the calendar).  All of my finds this month highlight how you can be part of the change, transition reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Here are some beautiful examples of it in action.

Handspun Lincoln Longwoool by knowfarmfiber

Make something warm and beautiful with this gorgeous green find.  The cool of Fall turns to cold.  Winter.  We snuggle up with the ones we love and watch the transition, and enjoy the beauty of naked limbs on the trees… the simplicity and contrast, snowflakes… and Christmas.  Gradually the frigid days meld into higher highs.  The lows creep to temperatures that are safe for our plants and pets. Coats are left hanging for lighter layers.  Feels as though we can breathe deeper – outside- where we all want to be… it’s spring!!  Put this creatively recycled marble ball – ball, in your garden!!  Enjoy the spring air.

Reclaimed Marble Garden Ball by tadDahpdx

We begin to spend more time outside, reconnect with friends at local parks and before we know it, it’s summer… the sun warming our skin, lighter layers, exposed, building sand castles on beaches and hitting the road, making memories.  Wind chimes sing a summer theme song.  Never forget those days.  A tranquil photo captures your joy.


Beach Photography my shell is half full by Kandelstrand

Love history now and repeating patterns, lessons that we can take from them… but i didn’t always.  Be the cycle that you want to see in the world.  There are so many opportunities to jump in.  Eco Etsy has a multitude of sellers doing this every day.  They are beautiful and unique just like you.  Make good choices, be a good citizen… I’m trying all the time.  Have a beautiful day (in your change), mother earth is counting on you!!  Thanks for popping in!  Is it worth it??

by Nicole from turquoise mama

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  1. this post just made me feel SO GOOD – “be the cycle you want to see in he world” YES turquoisemama – love it! hugs to you!