Introducing Etsy Gift Cards! {Business Tips}

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How many times have you wandered through stores, grumbling, “I don’t know what to buy for Aunt Helen!” or “Dad has everything!”

This happens to be all the time. Sometimes I’m very creative and sometimes I hit a wall. I can’t think of any clever or cool or appropriate gifts to buy for difficult ‘those’ people. Don’t you just hate that?

Well, no worries. Here is Etsy Gift Card to the rescue!

WOOoo HOoot!

Instead of taking a chance on buying the wrong color, the wrong size, or just plain wrong gift this holiday, buy a gift card and let them shop on Etsy. And you know what’s cool and green? You can email it to them! But if you want to give it in person, you can print it. No biggie.

I’m over the moon with this idea since there is always, ALWAYS, that picky someone who never seem to wear the necklace you got her or he who has everything and if he doesn’t have it, he can afford to buy it on his own. (Don’t you just hate those kinds of people?)

Oh, And how about those “I forgot her birthday!” times and it’s day before the birthday??? Now, you can just buy the card and email it to her and she’ll never know that you forgot! Problem solved.

So this gift card idea for shopping on Etsy is really my answer to my prayers!

Well, I couldn’t wait to buy it for someone so, I bought it for my second shop, ecogeneration, to show you how easy and cool it is.

Some key things to know about Etsy Gift Card

  • You’ll need Direct Checkout – I know it’s a bummer. But for now, it’s available only to sellers who have direct checkout. If you are a seller already enrolled in direct checkout, you don’t have to do anything special. Also, you can process or refund gift card orders like you would any other direct checkout order.
  • It’s available only in the U.S. – Again, it’s not fair but I think Etsy is planning on making it available internationally in the Spring of 2013 so don’t fret.

How to buy a Gift Card for someone

1) If you want to buy a gift card, click “Gift Cards” on the top of the screen.

gift card by ecokaren

2) Choose which style of a card you want to send. Fill out the important information, like who you are and who the recipient is. Don’t forget to fill in the message part and the amount of the gift card.

gift card by ecokaren

3) Select the amount. Since I chose to send by email, it’s asking me fill out the recipient’s email address. Twice! Make sure to read the “Terms of Use”. It’s kinda important. gift card by ecokaren

4) You can only use your CREDIT CARD to purchase gift cards. I know. I thought that was strange too but since Etsy is the one that’ll issue credits towards items bought on Etsy, it makes sense that you can’t use PayPal. You can leave the balance on your gift card to be used later so Etsy needs to have it in their system.

etsy gift card by ecokaren

5) Ta Dah! I sent my first gift card and this is how the recipient’s email looks like when she receives it. All she has to do is click the “Redeem Now” button and she can spend it anyway she wants.

 my first gift card by ecokaren

6) And of course, since my shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards, she should spend it here, right? How do you know if a shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards? You’ll see all those little green colored icons and prices all over the shop that tells you that I accept gift cards. You see the amount $25 on the top of the screen? That tells me I have $25 to spend. Yipppeeee!

gift card shops ecokaren

7) See the phrase, “Ecokaren accepts Etsy Gift Cards.” under the “Add to Cart” box? Yeah. Ecokaren accepts Gift Cards!

gift card icon ecokaren

8) See the Etsy Gift Card icon and the phrase again in the “Payment Methods” section at the bottom?

gift card shop ecokaren

9) You can search for items that accept Etsy Gift Cards because you can use the gift cards only in those shops. Makes sense.

gift card tips ecokaren

Got Questions?

Head on over to the forum and see if anyone else has the same question here:

Oh, and one more thing, Etsy is holding a Sweepstakes for $4,000 cards for those who buy Gift Cards from now until November 13th. Read about the rules here. No purchase is necessary to enter.

Have you gotten a gift card on Etsy yet? How do you like it?

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  1. Wonderful!! Yay for easier holiday shopping! Thank you Karen for the informative post! 😉