let's change the debate about politics

Did you know there are actually six major candidates for the US presidency?
Yep, six, and I”m willing to bet there”s even one among them that would make you feel good about voting, no matter what your political leanings.

(I”d like to apologize in advance to our international readers for this United States centered post, but would also like to take the opportunity to ask you to share your own country”s solutions to these problems in the comments.)

Politics in the US is a hot mess these days, isn”t it? So much money being spent, so many sound bites being uttered, so much mud and finger pointing, so little actual substance. Just the word “politics” is often enough to make people stop reading any post. While I completely understand wanting to turn it off and tune it out, what I would really like is to see people channel this frustration into a meaningful change in the debate.
By changing the actual debate. We have 6 candidates who gathered enough interest and backing to be included on the ballot in most states. To me, this says that there are very real issues that are not being addressed by either of the two main parties. So why aren”t we officially including these other four candidates in the discussion?

Free and Equal is one place that”s trying to change that. On October 23rd, Larry King is moderating a debate between 4 other main party candidates. Jill Stein of the Green party, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party, Rocky Anderson of the Justice party, and Virgil Goode of the Constitution party.

By the time this post goes to press, both the main candidate debate, and the alternative one will have already happened, but you can re-watch the other four candidates here, in the archives, or on YouTube.

No matter what your beliefs, open, active discussion is crucial to a functioning Democracy, and without it, we all suffer. Let”s change this mess. Let”s change the debate!

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  1. Interesting! I had no idea, which I guess proves your point! 😉

  2. Jill Stein was actually arrested at one of the debates! We sat through 4 debates (3 pres, 1 vice) and no mention of the environment or the huge number of underwater mortgages or a dozen other pressing issues – I agree the bigger conversation is not happening …