{Eco Living}New Ways to Look at Fall Leaves


In our area, the leaves are turning to brilliant colors a little early this year which means that they’ll be falling a little sooner than usual and we’ll need to deal with them.  In our city of Kent, Ohio, Our leaves are collected by the city and added to a city compost. All we need to do is to get them to the curb.  What if you don’t have this service in your area?  How can you keep them out of a landfill?  I’ve been researching different sites and have found a few great ideas.

1. Just mow them and leave them.  If you mow frequently (leaving the lawn mower on a somewhat higher setting) you can leave the pieces on your lawn. Over the winter they will break down and provide nutrients and shade to your grass. It can also help keep weeds away! (Please use a battery powered lawn mower if possible.)

2. Fill up large bags and use them for additional insulation in your basement stacking the bags along exposed walls and in crawl spaces if you have them.  In the spring, you can take them out and put them in your compost pile.

3. Make leaf mold. Leaf mold is great for vegetable and flower gardens. Layer the leaves with garden soil and, in about a year, you’ll have a nutrient rich additive.

4. Make a huge pile and JUMP in them!

5. Shred them and use them as garden mulch.  If you don’t have a shredder or access to one, you can mow them and collect the pieces in a mower bag.

6. Stuff a scarecrow.

7. Use for crafts.

Sadly,we don’t have many trees around our house so we primarily mow them.  If you have an over abundance of leaves, you might try a combination of the above.  Whatever you decide to do, I suggest starting with number four!




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  1. That one surprised me too!

  2. These are great tips! I would have never thought to use them as home insulation!