6 Tips for Strong Holiday Sales on Etsy

If you followed Myra’s 5 Tips to Get Your Shop Ready for the Holidays Now back in August, you should be ready for the holidays by now.

But if you didn’t, that’s ok. It’s not too late to prepare. In addition to what Myra recommended, here are 6 tips on preparing for a strong holiday season.

How to get ready for strong holiday sales on Etsy

1. Update your pricing  – Holiday season is a great time to experiment with different types of prices for your shop. Add items that are either lower or higher priced than your normal price range. Customers will be looking for “stocking stuffers” that are priced around $15 to $20. Offering items that are within that price range – and tag as “stocking stuffers” – could be a bonus during the holiday season. On the other end of the pricing spectrum, offering high priced items can also be beneficial. You never know if someone might take fancy of your highest priced item in your shop during this holiday season!

2. Be Honest – State your holiday schedule on your description. If the items are made to order, be specific what the lead time is. What is your shipping schedule? How long will it take for  you to ship? When is the absolute cut off date for delivery before the holiday? Do you offer express shipping for extra fee?

3. Take Etsy Gift Card? Then, advertise it  – If your shop takes Etsy Gift Card, mention that on your blog, share it on social media, add it to your shop announcement, and send newsletter to your customers. It’s a great gift for those who have “everything” and as a ‘last minute’ gift. Let your customers know.

ecokaren's NYS subway map necklace

4. Don’t forget to include a sweet little swag for the giver – Admit it. Holiday is not just for giving but also for receiving. As much as we love to give, it wouldn’t hurt to receive something, especially, as a surprise. Give little something to the customer. She’ll enjoy receiving your gift as much as giving away the item she purchased.

5. Guarantee your work and accept returns – One of the reasons why people hate to shop online is the hassles of returning unwanted items. Especially when the customer is buying it as a gift, she wants to make sure she can return it. Make your return policy very clear. Guarantee your work and promise to deliver. If you offer returns, state that very clearly in your shop announcement AND on each item’s description.

6. Shop on Etsy – Buy something on Etsy as a gift and see how the seller conducts her business, down to the way it’s packaged for the holiday season. You might learn something.

Again, if you haven’t read Myra’s post yet, go read it. But don’t be discouraged. You can still make this year’s holiday season stronger than ever!

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  1. Hi Karen,

    these tips are really useful, even the last one (to become a buyer and not just a seller) it gives a customer experience that really matters.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Great tips! I have sooooo much work to do!

    • Don’t be discouraged. You can do one or two things a day and you’ll be set for the holiday! Stress is the last thing you need. Maybe I should have said, 7 tips….Don’t get stressed. :)