Green Holiday Shopping – For Kids

Well kiddos!  My favorite time of the year has finally arrived – it’s officially the 𝄞Holidays𝄞.  It’s a time to catch up with family and friends and even time to make new friends.  I love all the festivities and the cheer that goes along with the Holiday season and I ❤❤❤ the shopping!  What better time of year to really indulge in some justified retail therapy.  Team EcoEtsy has some great items to help simplify the stress of – ❛what do I get him or her?❜.  So over the next four Sundays I will be sharing EcoEtsy’s Green Holiday Shopping Guide, which we have broken into 4 catergories:

  1. For Kids
  2. For Him
  3. For Her, and
  4. Stocking Stuffers
How’s it work?  Simple, just click on a shop mini below to checkout each shops items, then just place your order as usual on Etsy right from the shops Etsy page when you find the items you want.  Before you know it, your ordered items will be delivered to your door by your friendly mail carrier {my mail carrier deserves an awesome gift this year}. So go grab some Hot Cocoa, kick off your shoes, turn up the Holiday Music and let’s get to shopping.

Green Holiday Shopping – FOR KIDS 


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  1. It so convenient to browse through all these awesome stores! Thank you Myra for putting this together. :)

  2. These shopping guides are a great idea. Thanks for putting this together! I just want to add that Sesame Seed Designs is having a 20% off sale through tomorrow. :-)

  3. I loved looking through all these shops! Thank you for putting them all in one place for us to browse! 😉