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Over the last month or so, Etsy has been working hard behind the scenes to improve or add tools for shop owners.  News of these updates has been trickling out in e-mail communications that I have been “bookmarking” to read later.  As I went back to learn more about these changes I realized there are some great things that you may have missed in the busy holiday prep season.

I’m going to highlight five updates in this post.  Three of the tools are tied to listings while the other two are in the area of search.

Listing Enhancements

Sometimes I look at putting listings in my shop as a “necessary evil”.  The process when done well is rather time consuming and sometimes I feel like it’s taking time away from creating new work.  As Etsy continues to enhance the listing tools, I see ways to make my listings more relevant and add flexibility that takes a bit of pain out of the process.

1.  Thumbnail Cropping

This feature lets you zoom in on an image to get just the look you are trying to achieve in your thumbnail image.  Since this is the photo that is seen in search and highlighted in treasures, optimizing the look of the photo is key.  The process is really simple.  After your listing is created and you go to the “preview” page you will see the thumbnail in the top right:

You simply click on the “Adjust Photo” button and you are ready to go.  A zoom bar will appear to the right of the photo and then you can move the image around with your cursor to get just the right look:

While this feature might not be right for every listing, it may help you achieve a bit of versatility in the images used on the home page of your shop.  With a little experimentation you may discover a whole new look for your products!  You also have the option to edit your current listings to adjust the thumbnails.

2.  Listing Variations

The listing variations is a wonderful new tool for anyone who offers made to order pieces in their shop.  You are able to present the buyer with options on attributes like “size”, “color”, “length”, “taste”, and more.  You can even create custom categories and options.  When creating a new listing you will see the dropdown box shown here:

For those who sell clothing, jewelry….actually, almost anything I can think of – this tool is awesome!  I also checked and you are able to  go in to your current listings and add this dimension to the listings you’ve already spent time creating.  For more details on this tool, check out the Etsy post.

3.  Listing on iPhones

For those of you who are always “on the go”, the new iPhone listing feature may be just what you are looking for.  To get this new functionality you need to download the latest version of the Etsy app.  The interface is what you would expect from Etsy – simple, intuitive and very user friendly:

While you can upload photos right from your phone, I’m not sure I’m quite to the place that I would take my Etsy photos using the iPhone.  I can, however, see myself spending time riding in cars or waiting in lines working productively on a new listing. Learn more.

Search Enhancements

Switching gears from listing products to ensuring your products get noticed by Etsy shoppers there are two new tools to discuss.

1.  Etsy Browse Pages

The Etsy team has been focused on figuring out a “Better Way to Browse“.  You may have noticed a couple months ago they created the wedding category.  The team watched and learned with that category and have now launched the following themes:

Art, Home & Living, Jewelry, Women, Men, Kids, Weddings, Vintage and Supplies

When you are on the home page, the categories are listed on the left.  Clicking a category delivers pages with a unique look:

While this functionality is great for the shopper, the key for the shop owner is to get found in these categories.  Working on your titles, tags, photos and categories are all extremely important.  For some great tips and advice, Etsy created a post on “How to Get Found in Browse“.

2.  Flexibility with Search Ads

The second enhancement in the area of search is the flexibility with ads you run. While a number of enhancements were made to search, you are now able to stop/start an ad at anytime.  Also, if you make changes to your ad, you no longer have to wait for those changes to take effect….they happen immediately.  Holiday season is just around the corner and it may be the perfect time for you to run an ad and get some additional exposure for your shop.


I think these latest tools from the Etsy team really demonstrate that they listen to the input of the sellers and are working fast & furious behind the scenes to improve the platform for all involved.  A number of these tools are available to enhance the listings you already have in your shop.  For the tools I haven’t leveraged yet, I’m planning to set aside an hour or so this weekend to go in and make some key updates in my shop.

Which of these tools do you think you will take advantage of?  Have you tried any of them?  If so, let the team know what you think.

Cheers!  Lori of DrinksToDesign



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  1. These changes made it effortless to build my shop on Etsy. Prior to the changes the process was a bit more intimidating. Thank you for the ease of use!

  2. I use the cropping tool you mentioned and I really love it.

    as for the other new change Etsy implemented : it lost me and my marbles… I tweaked here and there and still can not be found anywhere anymore… Ahhhhh ! The more I read bout it the more I am lost… I am not wired for that kind of stuffs… (tiltles, tags…) I will read the one you mentioned since I don’t recall having seeing this one…
    Thank you for this great post !


  3. Great recap of Etsy changes! Thank you!