So Grateful {Eco Etsy finds}

I am star stuff necklace by molecularmuse

I live a life for which I am truly grateful.. healthy family, wonderful friends and every year about this time I get to thinking about just that.  All of my finds this month follow this theme.  A few years back on Thanksgiving, it dawned on me that one day just isn’t enough to give thanks.  This thought spilled into the next and I’ve decided to make the whole month of November one of gratitude.

I am far away from the place that I still call home and like other places that I’ve lived over the years, have had a bit of a hard time finding people to call friends.  This being said, I have lived in Fredericksburg for a little over ten years now, and have bumped in to some amazingly gifted and beautiful souls that I now call friends.  Having my son away from my own family was challenging, and I am truly grateful to all of the amazing mamas that the universe has sent into my life (including of course my own mama).   As a kick start to my month of gratitude, I had a grateful for mamas party this past weekend to celebrate.  Celebrate… because we are star stuff!!

I find most joy, and am deeply moved, touched and yes… thankful, for making connections and having relationships with fellow travelers… they… we, make the journey.

make a list notepad by remaker

Make a list using this awesome recycled notepad, of all the things and people you’re grateful for and even a list of what you’re going to do to celebrate and share your gratitude.

reusable sandwich bag by mamamade

I try to make progress often toward being a truly compassionate Earth-dweller and have a young son.  Everyday, I send snacks to school and have decided (long overdue) to use re-usable bags (instead of plastic  bags, which are grossly wasteful) which is clearly a better choice.  I have seen countless items of this sort in the team pages and I love this one by mamamade.  I challenge you to show your appreciation to mother Earth this month.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  These beautiful finds are, of course made by my fellow (and your fellow) eco Etsians, find them… share the love… support handmade eco goodness.    Reusable everything (as much as possible or sustainable) is my objective.  I am inspired by all of you guys.

What do you guys to be more eco-friendly around the house?  I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for peeping in.  Have a wonderful day!!!  much love!


by Nicole Hart of turquoisemama here on Etsy

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  1. Wonderful post! Responsible earth dweller is a good goal to work toward and I really like that I can do so everyday and still have ways to improve. No need to fix everything right now or do nothing at all. I’m very thankful for that.
    Also, I love that necklace at the top! How cool is that?!