Get a Head Start in the Garden with Winter Sowing

Would you like to get a head start on gardening without sacrificing space in your home or apartment? You can Winter sow seeds early outside during the winter by building mini green houses out of used plastic containers, which are all too easy to scavenge. The method called Winter sowing, and it is a very easy and fun.  For plastic containers like gallon jugs that do not have wide mouth lids, you first cut the jug in half horizontally. Poke a few holes at the bottom of the jug for drainage. Add potting soil, your seeds then water. Cover the bottom securely with the upper part of the jug. Poke a few small holes in the top of jug for water and air flow. Your mini green house is ready to go outside in a sunny place.

Check out Pinterest for winter sowing container ideas. Check out the website for more specifics on Winter  sowing methods and seed selection.  Need some motivation?  Join the Seed Traders Group on Facebook and participate in their Winter Sowing Zone Wars Competition.

Have you winter sown before?  How did you like it?

Happy Gardening.

Cory Trusty

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