Take Notes this Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season has everyone running for the finish line.  We are creating last minute products, filling orders, and rushing to get everything done.  In between, we work on preparing for our own holiday traditions.

During this busy season, I know I should start thinking about where I want to take my shop and my marketing plans next year.  Yet, finding the time to sit down and really think about my plans is virtually impossible.

So, my short and sweet Business Tip for you this holiday season – TAKE NOTES.

As you rush from place to place, you may realize you have thoughts about what is working well for your business and what you wish you could make more efficient.  Carry a notebook and jot down those ideas.  The key is not to feel any pressure to act on the ideas right now.  You can pull out the notebook at the beginning of January….when you feel refreshed and ready to kick off the new year.

Think of this as a little business gift to yourself this holiday season.  Buy a cute little notebook that fits the personality of your shop and let it inspire you to capture all those little ideas you have everyday to move your business forward.

Notebooks in the photo were created by TeamEcoEtsy member Kelso Doesn’t Dance.

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  1. … helpful and don’t forget where you put your notes!!

  2. Simple and great advice! I don’t where I’d be without my notes. I always keep a little notebook handy for all the things that pop into my head throughout the day – business ideas, new designs, blog ideas, gratitudes, goals, anything and everything. :)

  3. This is great advice that I had not thought of! I need to get a notepad out and handy!