DIY Soap Scum Remover – a natural soft scrub alternative

I was recently hired by someone to clean their home naturally, and I had the pleasure of cleaning one VERY yucky tub & shower! I can’t even tell you how a shower would have so much black and brown grime growing in it.. but I CAN tell you that this cleaning formula worked MAGIC in that bathroom!! It’s stronger than soft scrub, and made using only TWO ingredients that are so natural you could eat them. But I don’t recommend it…

This is my go-to formula for soap scum, mold, limescale, toilet bowls, and many other REALLY tough jobs in the kitchen and bathroom.

Supplies :

  • baking soda
  • castile soap – I use Dr. Bronners and I LOVE the lavender scent, but any castile soap will work. :)
  • bowl & sponge

Directions :

  1. In a small mixing bowl pour in about 2 tablespoons of baking soda, give or take.
  2. Next, mix in enough castile soap to form a paste. This is not a science so just make it thick like the consistency of luscious icing.
  3. If it’s too thick, add more soap. Too runny? Add more baking soda.
  4. When you have it a nice consistency, simply scoop a dollop of it with your sponge and start scrubbing!

To scrub this shower, I used a homemade cotton scrubbie sponge and it worked fabulously. Of course, it does take a little elbow grease so you get a free workout and in the end you will rejoice in the success of a fantastically clean shower!!


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  1. I use Dr Bronner’s Sal suds (very concentrated 1 1/2 tsp per gallon of water will clean your whole house) for my tub,toilet bowl, and floors.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is what I use for the soap/baking soda mix and it works so fabulously!! I’ve never used Sal suds, thanks for sharing that! Does it work on super, super grimy soap scum?

  2. Bar Keeper’s Friend. I think it’s made from rhubarb. It’s a light scouring powder and works wonders on lime buildup. (Still takes elbow grease.) Soaking bad spots with vinegar and paper towels can help too.

    You can find Bar Keepers in most home improvement stores (Lowes, Home Depot). It’s rarely found in Walmarts or other stores.

    • Try this awesome tutorial! The baking soda and castile soap works wonderfully, it’s totally amazing! Of course there is definitely some elbow grease involved… but this stuff works and a little bit goes a long way.

      I don’t use any chemicals in my home so I keep away from most store bought cleaners and choose to make my own. It gives me a deeper understanding of the air quality in my home. :)

  3. Love it – So simple, yet effective! Thanks so much.

    • It’s a pleasure! I tried lots of different concoctions for super grimy showers and this one was the MOST EFFECTIVE and the SIMPLEST! It has worked for all my super tough situations. :)