Eco Etsy: What’s Ahead for 2013

After reviewing Karen’s recap of team activities in 2012, we should feel proud of all the EcoEtsy team accomplished last year!  I’m certain that 2013 will bring equal success to the team as we continue to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, supported by the wonderful eco-goodies from EcoEtsy shops.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the team in 2013 and where to put focus for the new year.  Here are just a few thoughts as we begin the year.

Team Building

The EcoEtsy team is over 350 members strong and provides a wonderful support system for one another in our forums both in the Etsy Community and through our Google group.  This year, we will continue to keep those groups strong and I would encourage those who haven’t been regular participants in the conversation to get involved.  This is a great team of sellers with many different backgrounds and experience levels.  If you need advice on anything, I’m sure there is a teammate who has some thoughts for you!

A really fun team activity we did in 2012 was the Gift Swap in January.  Many shops participated and it was great fun to receive some unexpected gifts from a teammate.  We will definitely be doing the swap again this year!  Look for details to come soon.

Team building is an area where I’m hoping we can do a few more things this year to get to know one another and more about our shops.


Karen’s overview of 2012 showed us just how large our community is – with loyal blog followers, Facebook fans over 3000, Twitter fans nearing 10,000, and Pinterest fans over 1,500.  In 2013, we will continue to build these communities and keep our content strong.  We have two main goals in these spaces:

  1. Inspire followers to live a greener lifestyle by providing tips and advice on how to lessen you impact.
  2. Build awareness of the products offered in the EcoEtsy team shops that support a greener lifestyle.

By keeping this focus, we will continue to deliver strong content.  For the blog in particular, I know that Myra is challenging the writers to begin to consider more tutorials.  We know we have followers who are do-it-yourselfers and we want to make sure the content we have is both interesting and relevant.

Team Awareness

This year, we will continue to market the team and increase awareness for our shops.  From press opportunities, to swag bags, and partnering with other green companies, I hope we can explore some new venues to spread the word about the EcoEtsy community.

Giving Back

The last couple of years we have focused on a charity event in the spring.  This year, we will again have some type of fundraiser yet to be determined.  The logistics the last two years were rather complicated and I would like to see us find a more streamlined initiative that doesn’t take up quite as much time from the team volunteers.


2013 is full of opportunities for this team to grow and evolve.  I look forward to all we will accomplish!

Here’s to a great year ahead!  Lori (Drinks to Design)

Photo – Cockatoo Teal Clock by Eye Pop Art

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